Democracy Malaysia style


Video and music makers are arrested for insulting Islam… but muftis who call for non-Muslims to be killed are not censured.

Umno-Baru processions are not restricted by the police, or the city council… but the requests of others are subject to delays and restrictions.

Umno-Baru leaders are a law unto themselves.

These leaders may as well say, “Do as I say, but not as I do.”

They interpret the law according to Umno-Baru terms.

Umno-Baru leaders can utter seditious remarks and not be arrested.

They can steal the rakyat’s money and get away with it.

They can use public funds to go on a jolly to the Antarctica, or spend it on shopping trips, or transport their families and friends to private events overseas, without censure.

They demand absolute obedience. That is why certain members who complain about being unfairly treated, are now treated as pariahs.

When the rakyat complained about injustice, the pariahs who were banished from the inner circle, did nothing to help.. but now, they want our help to get rid of the bullies. They were all bullies at one time.

That is why in Malaysia, democracy has a nasty twist to it. We have been conditioned by decades of indoctrination and some of us, have lost our own sense of reasoning and power of decision making.

If Umno-Baru has been proven to be terrible, why do some of you still vote them in?

Sadly, democracy in Malaysia is the freedom to elect our own dictators.


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