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‘Dengki Ke’ sequel reminds one of ‘Marie Antoinette and cake’.

“Dengki Ke” was last month’s remark that launched a thousand vitriolic comments and the arrest of graphic artist, Fahmi Reza, for allegedly mocking the Malaysian Queen

Strangely, according to a senior policeman, “Fahmi had threatened public security”. Seriously?

So, in 21st Malaysia, are artists, cartoonists and columnists considered a threat to the nation? What a strange world we live in, where politicians and the elite can steal from the public, but the peasant who nicks a tin of baby milk powder to feed his starving child is fined and jailed.

“Dengki Ke”. Words that should never have been uttered.

Why? These words are coarse. They are uncultured. They are unbecoming of a person who represents royalty.

You would not hear the Queen of England in a million years, say, “You jealous ah?” in response to a question about being vaccinated, would you?

No. Elizabeth would have kept silent. The firm have a motto. “Never complain. Never explain”. And they certainly do not boast, nor have publicity stunts, to score brownie points with the public.

The following pictorial about the ‘Dengki ke’ sequel should be enlightening. They are self explanatory.

The moral of the pictorial story is that sometimes, PR stunts do NOT go according to plan. In these trying times, during the Coronavirus pandemic, there are more useful ways to help the frontliners.

Pic 1. This tweet started the sequel.

Pic 2 Close up of that necklace which also launched a thousand comments.

Pic 3. One person’s eagle eye suggests….”Forget the cupcakes, one is more interested in the necklace

Pic 4. A historical inspired response. Ouch!

Pic 5 Someone who prefers better handling of the Coronavirus pandemic had the following suggestion.

Pic 6 Comparisons were naturally made with royalty from Europe. According to this person and others, is how frontliners should be assisted.

Pic 7 Some other less than complimentary comments

There were a number of comments which said, the money could have been used to buy more equipment for an Intensive Care Unit in hospitals to treat Coronavirus patients…

Or pay for decent meals for the homeless. (BTW queues in soup kitchens are getting longer)…

Or pay a decent allowance/wages for the overworked and exhausted frontliners…

Or pay for accommodation for the homeless (With more people getting sacked because businesses have been forced to shut down, there is no money to pay for the rent, and some people have been made homeless)

Every cake has a story to tell. Donkey ke?

What say you?

Rebuilding Malaysia
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