Handouts ruin Malaysia, Khairy. What did you learn at Oxford?

Oxford. One of the best universities in the world. Every parent wants their child to go there.

Oxford offers a world-class education, learning resources and research facilities. And the student life is great.

One of our ministers, Khairy Jamaluddin, aka KJ, the MP for Rembau, went to Oxford, where he read Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE).

Yesterday, in a speech for GE-14, he told Malaysian youths, who wanted to start a family, that if they wanted more handouts, they should have more children.

Did I hear right?

Handouts? Lots of children?

Are Malaysian women breeding machines, just to get more handouts from the government?

Is that what Khairy learnt at Oxford? To depend on government handouts? Like BRIM and the Amanah Dana Anak Malaysia 2050 (ADAM50) programme?

Did Oxford not teach students to be independent?

Khairy’s speech mirrors that of the Mentri Besar of Terengganu who said, in 2016, that mothers should have at least 12 children.

Do the maths.

If you are a Malay man, and decide to have four wives, you will end up supporting 53 mouths, including your own, plus your mother and mothers-in-law.

One man, four wives, 12 children with each wife= 53 people in one family Then add his mummy and his mothers-in law= 58 people


Who will pay for these kids, KJ? The government? The government debt is almost 1 trillion ringgits.

Think of their tadika (kindergarten) fees? Primary and secondary school fees. Uniforms. Shoes. Bus fares. Tuition costs. Think of the GST for their baju, shoes, and food.

The father will have to buy a bus, to transport his family.

When the children graduate, who will provide jobs? You? Umno-Baru?

Where is the affordable housing? Where are the affordable cars? Where is the dependable public transport?

When they grow old, who will provide decent healthcare?

Did you really go to Oxford, KJ?

We want quality lives for our youths, our children and our senior citizens. Not government handouts.

You could have told them about responsible parenting and relationships. You could have told them that your party would ban polygamy and also child marriages. You could have told them that those who are guilty of incest, baby-dumping or child abuse and sexual abuse will be severely punished.

You are an irresponsible minister

Instead, you told them to make more babies so that they can get more government handouts. 

Honestly, KJ! You should teach people to be independent.

You should also go back to school, and this time, attempt to learn something!


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