Do you think a policewoman at the MCO roadblock will harass a man who goes commando in a kain?

On 13 February, a woman claimed that a policeman at a Jalan Duta roadblock asked her why she wasn’t wearing a bra. She alleged that he told her that he would not issue her with a summons if she proved to him she wasn’t wearing a bra.

Do you think a policewoman manning an MCO roadblock would have asked a man in a kain pulikat if he had gone commando?

Would she ask if he was wearing anything underneath the kain? Would she tell him that she would not issue a summons if he proved to her, that he was wearing briefs or shorts, underneath the kain.

I think women have more sense than that the two daft policemen who allegedly harassed two women last week.

By and large, women are more professional, have a better work ethic, morals and values.

However, one woman can be a woman’s worst enemy

When two women shared on Twitter their experience of being sexually harassed by policemen at MCO roadblocks, activist Abdul Rani Kulup, said that the woman who was asked to hand over her personal details to a policeman, should not have overreacted.

He said that the woman should have accepted this as ‘normal’ male behaviour. He added that she was stupid and should have entertained the policeman because, who knows, the man might be her husband one day.

Another woman, who claims she is a doctor, also slammed the woman who had been harassed and said that she found nothing wrong with the policeman wanting her personal details.

She said that this was ‘normal’ for a man. She claimed that after she failed her driving test, her fiance gave her permission to flirt with the test instructor. She did and passed the test, on the second attempt.

So, did she pass the test because she was suitably qualified  or because she had flirted with the tester? Sometimes, another woman can be a woman’s worst enemy.

It is outrageous that some netizens claimed that the two women who were harassed were attention seekers. A few said the two only mentioned their experience on Twitter because they are ugly, or that the policemen who harassed them were junior ranking policemen and were not young and handsome.

So, would the harassment be justified if the women were pretty or the policemen were young and handsome or of senior rank?

How would they feel if their teenage daughters were harassed in this fashion? What if the policemen who were rebuffed started stalking their daughters?

The policemen abused their position, their power and their badge.

These netizens should recall the two Mongolian women who were raped by a policeman last year.

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  • Paul Wolfobitch says:

    It can only be Malaysiaboleh where you find cave monkeys writing in to attack the victims of wayward cave police monkeys.

    That supposed “doctor” doesn’t seem to be aware or concerned police personnel have to conduct themselves (like doctors and bomohs) in a professional manner. It is not “normal” regardless of how hard up for attention supposed victims are said to be, professionals are still expected to behave with integrity and honour, worthy of their position and office.

    Our morally bankrupt cave monkey mullahs are also great at blaming victims, women dressed not to the approval of the munafiq are said to invite rape. Aren’t the holy monkeys teaching other monkeys to lower their gaze at the presence of females?

    Cave police monkeys are supposed to do their job not collect contact details, ask for dates, or, worse still, ask to see titties, what fcuking perverts!

    I won’t be at all surprised unprofessional police degrade their office more than often, the two cases but from those brave enough to report them.

    With the moronic primitive cave monkey society that is Malaysia, I’m also not surprised victims are blamed, and corruption and shameless lack of professionalism defended. And that’s why the rot goes all the way to the top, our utterly corrupt and rotten politicians, that’s because our rotten cave monkeys condone and encourage the rot.

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