MEMO #4 to Hishammuddin: Can’t he stop twitching? Has he narcissistic tendencies that an aide is forced to take videos of him?

The caption beneath his post reads:-

Called Ambassador Bai Tian of China ?? to thank him personally on behalf of the Malaysian Government and people for the assistance rendered by the Chinese Government.

Just 3 days ago, I wrote a letter to my counterpart HE Wang Yi, Foreign Minister for the People’s Republic of China for medical equipment to help us combat #COVID19.

Today, they sent the first shipment to Hospital Sungai Buloh! Truly incredible how fast this has happened. On behalf of the Malaysian Government and people, thank you.

Hishammuddin with wild hormones in his younger days

Why won’t Hishammuddin stop twitching?
Has he got a bladder problem?
Why doesn’t he just go and relieve himself if that is why his legs are twitching?

Or does he suffer from a nervous disorder?

By the way, what about the helicopters which were purchased during his tenure as the Minister of Defence, under disgraced Najib Abdul Razak?

The 1st phase of the order was not delivered in July 2017- which was already a 2-year lead time since it was signed in Nov 2015.

Now he says it will be delivered by the end of the year.

Err…. which year? 

What about the dodgy MINDEF land deals?

Rebuilding Malaysia

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