Does your primary schoolchild have difficulty learning science? Would you like to address the problem? Free sessions in November. Read on…

The catalyst for change was fulfilled on 9 May. In order to rebuild Malaysia, we have to muster the courage to move forwards and strengthen the bonds between the various people. Education is key.

After months of hard work and preparation, Wan Nor aka Dr Norlidah Al Qadri is pleased to announce her mahutahu?! Cognitive Coaching and Public Talk Sessions. The sessions are built within the framework of the self-realisation of a Bangsa Malaysia.

The sessions are FREE during November,  and will be followed by a promotion. She will attempt to keep the fees low, to ensure the ordinary Bangsa Malaysia person and his/her family is able to access these coaching sessions.

She said, “For cognitive coaching, I shall start with Primary Level…then will work towards Lower Secondary Level and Upper Secondary Level. All sessions shall be conducted in English and Malay. I shall prioritise English and mix with Malay. 

The ultimate objective is the self-realisation of Bangsa Malaysia”.

Do read up about Wan Nor’s profile in education, and experience in the corporate and academic world.


I. Science

Science is not just about test tubes and complex formulae. Science is interesting…the problem is that some science teachers are boring, so they make science dull.

II. Science Outdoor Activity

Seeing the wonders of science in the natural world, after what was learnt in class.

III. Science and the Quran

This is NOT another ceramah but a lively discussion into how science can be linked to the Quran.

IV. Melayu Tanpa Tongkat 

Dispelling the myth about Malays.

V. The timetable. 

The variety of courses on offer are listed.  Please select those which interest you and do bear in mind that your child, must be accompanied by at least one adult.  Places are limited so please book early to avoid disappointment. They are on a first-come-first-registered basis. 

If you wish to attend please use this link to register:

VI. Your views are important…

VII. More about Norlidah


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