Don’t even think about Emergency Rule, Najib!


Umno-Baru is under attack. The government “takde duit” (no money). 1MDB continues to torment Najib Abdul Razak and the international community treats him like a pariah, and Malaysia as a failed state.

The Orang Asli blockades are gaining strength. The Bersih movement is increasing in popularity. The Indigenous people of Sarawak’s call for secession is getting louder.

Islam under the control of the clown, Jamil Khir Baharom and JAKIM, makes Muslims look stupid.

GE-14 is approaching. Najib does NOT have the support of the rakyat, but without absolute power, he cannot continue to rule. He can try to “fix” GE-14 but the piggy bank is almost empty.

What does a crippled leader, like Najib, do?

Under normal circumstances, Najib cannot invoke the emergency powers, because there will be a public backlash and international condemnation.

Woo hoo… enter Jamal Yunos, the Red Shirts leader!

Red Shirts terrorised the members of the Bersih road trip, as it wound its way around the country. They manhandled journalists covering the convoy. The Red Shirts have periodically wreaked havoc on the Chinese community, Opposition supporters, and the Bersih movement.

Zunar, Malaysia’s political cartoonist has been slapped with a travel ban, whilst Jamal is free to travel. Double standards!

When Jamal returned from Dubai, the authorities placed him on remand, for two days.

Is this a clever ploy to try and convince  the Malaysian public that the authorities are taking action against this renegade leader? 

Jamal’s “bathing in blood”

On his release, Jamal said, “The arrest has not weakened me. After this, I will deploy the Red Shirt movement nationwide and declare war against Bersih 5“.

Jamal has regularly threatened violence and said, “We will not hesitate to do anything to stop the Bersih rally… our struggle will continue even if we are bathed in blood.”

The IGP’s reaction and his double standards

The former IGP, Khalid Abu Bakar, dismissed Jamal and said that it was just a “war of words”.
Khalid practises double standards. If you or I had said this, there would have been no need for a police report and we would have been instantly arrested and charged with sedition.
Why won’t the IGP arrest Jamal?

Bersih is highlighting the need for electoral and democratic reforms.

The Bersih Chairman, Maria Chin and her family have received death threats. Maria’s son’s car has been vandalised. Maria and former Bersih Chairman, Ambiga Sreenevasan, have received Islamic State (IS) style death threats, on social media.

Heed political scientist’s warning

The political scientist, Wong Chin Huat warned  in 2015, that Najib may exercise his powers to invoke the National Security Council (NSC) bill.

Najib’s NSC team, includes three unelected  leaders; the Chief of Defence, the IGP, and the Chief of the Civil Service.

They control 1.4 million civil servants, 120,000 soldiers, 110,000 policemen and the state machinery.

The powers provided by the NSC would justify the use of force against the rakyat.

Under Section 18 of the NSC Bill, local and state government rule could be usurped, by a designated  director of operations (DOO), from the military or police.

The DOO could evacuate or resettle, impose a curfew, take possession of land, or property and order any arrest.

The members of the NSC are protected from civil or criminal lawsuits.

Why invoke ER?

Najib may use Jamal’s ‘declaration of war’, and bloodshed, to cling to power. He may say that ER is necessary, to keep the peace.

Jamal and some members of the NSC, may well be working in cahoots to undermine our parliamentary democracy, or its remnants.

We’re watching you, Najib!

Don’t you dare invoke ER and cancel GE-14.

2017 Update:

i) You create many  obstacles in the way for Pakatan Harapan, like the registration of the party with Registrar of Societies (ROS).

ii) You jail whistleblower Rafizi Ramli, to warn others that power rests in your hands, (and the judicairy?) and you can punish people.

iii) You use Hadi to instruct Muslims to do as he pleases, from his warped interpretation of the religion.

iv) You silence people with the Sedition Act for “insulting” you  on social media.

v) You impose travel bans on others who criticise you too much, eg Zunar.

v) With the Election Commission, you re-delineate constituencies. In other words, you gerrymander. Simpler to call it cheating.

vii) You use race and religion to divide people.

viii) You use BR1M to fool people and make them think you are generous with their own money, but you keep quiet about your abuse of several hundred billions of ringgits of taxpayer’s money.

viii) You fear Dr Mahathir so much, that rather than hand over to Pakatan Harapan to form the new government, you would probably invoke Emergency Rule.

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  • Kalai says:

    Guys, agreed that there may be some division in the forces yes but probably limited to lower ranking officers whereas najib has the top guns in his team. They call the shots. All I can say is they we should all brace for rough times. Najib will call for ER or else he is dead. He cares the two hoots about international condemnation. 1mdb is a good example where he acts like nothing had happened. You think he cares about the rakyat and the rest of the world? Fat hopes guys!!!. He will continue with his current style of rule and make all malaysians become slaves. I dread imagining this development. Again, do get prepared for painful days. I am not a doomsday professor but these are the hard facts. God bless Malaysia the once “asian tiger”. Today we are ashamed of what happens back home as we hope for better times.

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