Empower Jakim? It’s like giving the bully a better pair of boxing gloves. How does Anwar think JAKIM will make Malaysia a better place?

Prime minister Anwar Ibrahim said he had met Jakim leaders recently and urged them to help draft a national development policy framework based on the Malaysia Madani concept.

Anwar must know that Jakim has failed many Malays. Anwar knows that Jakim’s budget is bloated and they are overstaffed. We do not need voyeurs spying on couples – the khalwat squads. We do not need an intrusion into our lives. What has Jakim done about incest in many Malay families or sexual abuse committed by their clerics? Or the physical and sexual torture of Malay students in tahfiz and religious schools?

Anwar said that he wanted Jakim to ‘uplift’ the dignity of the government.

Only highly principled and men and women with integrity can make a government appear to act with dignity. How many of those have we in this Unity government, in the Opposition or in JAKIM?

Anwar also said that he wanted Muslims to take advantage of the miracles of the Quran by discussing sustainability and the value system it advocates.

The only miracle that will take place is when the politician rejects the use of religion (and racism) to enhance our lives.

Malaysians are only too aware that in their experience, one politician after another, from the various parties, trip over themselves to be more Islamic than the rest.

Anwar told Jakim, the Islamic development department, to provide greater input into government policymaking.

But… surely Anwawr knows that JAKIM is responsible for much of our country’s intolerance

As far as many Malaysians are concerned, the many issues we face, such as divisions in society, increased intolerance, invasions into the life of non-Muslims, invasions of privacy of Malays (eg the khalwat squad) are due to Jakim.

What did Jakim do to highlight the convicted felon, Najib abdul Razak’s corruption in 1MDB. In fact, the president of PAS, Hadi Awang, said there was no such thing as corruption. Why didn’t Jakim correct him?

What sort of Islam is Jakim going to prepare for us? Muslims today are afraid of dogs, the crucifix, the cross, even pictures of pigs, the film Babe and piggy banks. Muslims want ownership of certain words like ‘Allah’ or ‘solat’. They dismiss the fact that Arab Christians have used Allah in the middle east, for centuries before the advent of Islam. Jakim is part of the Malaysian problem and loss of Malay identity.

In today’s interpretation of Islam by Malaysian clerics, emphasis is placed on rituals and the dress code. Many Malay cultural practices, which have been practised for centuries have been banned. For instance, wayang kulit or joget or plays where males play females and vice versa are forbidden.

Malays are now consumed with being better Muslims than those in Saudi Arabia that we forget we are not Arabs but we still wish to dress like them, act like them, even speak and behave like them.

What did Jakim do to help the wife and family of Amri Che Mat who was abducted? There were allegations Amri was spreading Shia doctrine which was denied by his wife and family. What assistance did Jakim provide Amri’s family?

What about the shocking conversion of non-Muslim children to islam, when their fathers, who are divorced from their wives, converted to islam and kidnapped and then converted them. We read about Indira Gandhi and Loh Siew Hong’s terrible experience and betrayal. The High courts may have granted them custody of their children upon their divorce from their husbands, but civil law and the constitution failed them when syariah law took precedence.

Many people are mistaken when they think Malaysia’s islamisation process started in 2015 or thereabouts. It did not.

The islamisation of Malaysia starated in 1980s when the then PM, Dr Mahathir Mohamad sought Anwar Ibrahim, the then co-founder of ABIM to help make Umno be as Islamic, as PAS. In other words to try and outdo PAS at being Islamic.

Today, is empowering Jakim, Anwar’s final nail in the Malaysian coffin of being islamised?

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