Fadhlina’s plan to educate children about humanity and world peace

If you had a child in a Malaysian school now, do you want young minds to be brainwashed, indoctrinated and corrupted at an early age?

Watch the video and judge for yourself.

One does not use violence or larking about with t0y guns, to teach children about peace and humanitarian values

Fadhlina was wrong to have agreed to the ill-thought out ‘Palestine Solidarity Week’ for our schools.

Fadhlina’s emotional outburst

When both parents, and politicians from both sides of the divide blasted the MoE’s directive, ministerial aides drew up a plan of ‘Do’s and don’t’s’ for the week-long event. 

However, the schools and ministry failed to follow their own guidelines.

Moreover, stop messing with our childrens’ minds and future.

Stop bringing politics into the school classroom

Stop introducing foreign conflicts into schools

Just resign!

And take Mr Madani with you through the door.

Here’s another clueless individual (see below)

Why are we breeding radicals in our schools?

Rebuilding Malaysia

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