Fahmi Reza In London, Sheffield & Manchester. A rare opportunity to meet & hear him talk about our desire for a better Malaysia.

Come join in the discussion with Fahmi at the above locations. Please see attached posters for more information.

He’s been arrested, beaten up, questioned and detained…his crime…for speaking up and demanding a better Malaysia. He’s been stopped from travelling overseas, whilst criminals like the badut & convicted felon, Najib Abdul Razak, is allowed to go abroad and roam the Malaysian countryside, like a free man.

Najib is NOT innocent, he is guilty as charged…twice sentenced oredi mah.

Fahmi’s doing his bit, are you doing yours?

Every individual effort counts. A tiny drop will lead to a trickle, to a stream, then a torrent and finally a tsunami. That is the power of dissent.

1. Kota Londonium

Student Power Talk by Fahmi Reza @ London, United KingdomDate: 23 May 2022, Monday
Time: 7.00PM – 9.00PM (BST)
Venue:  Institute of Education, UCL’s Faculty of Education and Society, 20 Bedford Way, London, WC1H 0AL
Speaker: Fahmi Reza, Political Graphic Designer
Topic: The Malaysian Student Movement in the 1960s
Event Organisers: Fahmi Reza, supported by KPUM (The United Kingdom and Ireland Malaysian Law Students Union)
Attendees: Limited on a “First Come, First Serve” Basis

*Responses are confidential*

For any enquiries, please contact Johnston Tan (johnston.tan@kpum.org) or Amir Hadi (amirxabdhadi@gmail.com)

2. Sheffield

3. Manchester

This is a rare opportunity to meet Fahmi…you know lah what gomen is like…people who berani bersuara will kena lok up nanti…but as Fahmi has said, support him and those who fight for a better Malaysia.

Cannot do without:

Rebuilding Malaysia

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