Farouk A. Peru on Hadi Awang’s Sneaky Act 355


There are two ways one can practise Islam. One is Prophet Muhammad’s way.

Prophet Muhammad, according to history, spent his whole life in Makkah where his reputation was impeccable. Even the pagan Arabs who found his presence threatening could not help but admit his trustworthiness.

When he finally became the head of a state, it was at the request of the overwhelming majority of the people of Madeenah. At the time of his death, ten years after assuming office, all of the Arab tribes acknowledged his patronage.

That was Prophet Muhammad. Unfortunately for Malaysians, we have Hadi Awang.

Hadi Awang has been trying to push Hudud law on Malaysians for decades.

At first, he used to say that his political opponents (read: UMNO) were kaafir/infidels for not implementing hudud law.

Then he used to say that voting for PAS would get the voter ‘pahala’ (spiritual brownie points).

Finally, he realized that UMNO held all the funds and power and calling them ‘kaafirs’ would not endear him to them. So he changed rhetoric completely.

He actually defended the ‘kaafirs’, pronouncing the most insane fatwa on the planet – that we need four witnesses to MO1’s account before we can accuse him of foul play.

Through this opinion itself we can but deduce one of two things – Hadi has really lost his marbles or Hadi is so out of touch with the modern world he is now best suited to teaching tajwid in a sekolah pondok somewhere. Oh and I forget a third possibility – Hadi has been taken over by UMNO.

Hadi’s private member’s bill is NOT about installing hudud laws

Hadi’s latest misadventure is of course, the private member’s bill, Act 355.

To be sure, this is not about installing hudud laws. But that was not the plan anyway.

As has been exposed, Hadi’s co-conspirator, the cheeky Nik Abduh, has told Harakah daily that this is the way forward towards implementing ‘Quranic law’. Abduh was quoted to have said,

“Act 355 is a prison against implementing the true Islamic Shariah laws. The laws bow down to the Federal Constitution, whose powers exceed the sovereignty of Quran and the Prophet’s teachings. It is obviously against Islam. It is an obvious idolatry”

Including the Quran in their Islamofascist rhetoric is most disingenuous.

The Quran, simply put, is completely against what they consider hudud laws. The best example of this is the law of apostasy.

While the Islamofascists need to safeguard their customer base and thus force people to remain Muslim even when they do not want to, the Quran has no such ego trips.

It gives complete freedom of belief to anyone at any time. Nik Abduh should come clean and say he does not know the Quran.

Hadi’s latest statement is to the The Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hindusim, Sikhism and Taosim (MCCBCHST).

He rebuked them for daring to question Act 355, claiming that Muslims should be left alone to practice their faith in peace.

Well, I and thousands of others like myself are Muslims too and we absolutely do not want hudud law, not even in its previous form.

Hudud laws have nothing to do with Islam. Hadi, Abduh, the muftis and the ulamak do not speak for us.

(The views expressed are strictly the writer’s opinion.)


Writer, Islamic scholar, friend and guest contributor, Farouk A. Peru, is a brave Malaysian who dares to confront the bigots in Malaysia.

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