Farouk A Peru: Who Was Really Being Arrogant? Answering Isma’s Attack on Siti Kasim


The Islamofascists are getting rather desperate now in their attacks on freedom and democracy. There used to be a time when the Malays would be like sheep, very easily led to the slaughter. They would be so timid that the mere suggestion of questioning hudud laws would be met with total shock-horrors! That time has long since passed though. Now the Malays are much wiser. They know that hudud laws are nothing more than ancient Arabic laws masking as Islam.

Omar Kasim’s bankruptcy

That is why ISMA’s Omar Kasim had to resort to what is known in logic as ‘appeal to emotion’. The term is quite self-explanatory and in this case, shows the utter bankruptcy in actual arguments.

His attack on Siti Kasim was simply this – how dare she reject the ‘laws of Allah’ when Allah owned the heavens and the earth?! He even quoted less than half a verse (The Quran, Chapter 2 Verse 284) which says to Allah belongs the heavens and the earth.

Congratulations. A quarter of a verse. Not even half of one. This is how the Islamic priests treat the Quran, chopping it up to suit their purpose.

Allah is not the same as mullah

Of course, for any believer in Allah, we acknowledge that He owns everything in the heavens and the earth. I have no dispute with that and I doubt Siti Kasim does either. However, Allah is not the same as mullah! This mullah is telling us that by rejecting Rang Undang-Undang (RUU) 355*, we are rejecting Allah’s laws. That is utter nonsense for the following reasons:

  1. The current ‘Islamic’ laws in Malaysia are watered down version of the true Islamofascist laws which groups like ISIS practice (for example, apostasy is not punished by death in Malaysia as it should be). So one could even say that Omar Kasim’s pals themselves reject hudud laws!
  2. Even RUU 355 would also not take ‘Islamic laws’ to its full blown ISIS level. Therefore, Omar Kasim’s pals would still not be practising ‘Allah’s laws’.
  3. Even if hudud laws were applied according to ISIS level standards, it would still be against the Quran. In the case of apostasy, the Quran is totally against it yet Omar Kasim would support punishing people who left Islam in one way or another. So Omar Kasim himself rejects Allah’s own laws of freedom.
  4. Omar Kasim belongs to ISMA who reject the Quran’s values anyway. Why do I say that? If they really accepted Quranic values, would they support Ketuanan Melayu? The Quran gives total racial equality. Even Arabs themselves are not mentioned as a superior race. Yet Omar Kasim aligns himself with a racist organisation. If Allah owns the heavens and the earth, then why do you Melayu-ultras claim Tanah Melayu belongs to you? It should all be Allah’s, no?

Malays are aware of the fakery of hudud

Siti Kasim risks her life and limb to protect the Orang Asli, our indigenous folk. Her sense of justice puts these racists ISMA types to shame. If anyone recognises Allah’s sovereignty over the land, it is Siti, not ISMA or any Islamofascist. In any case, their time has passed. Malays are now becoming increasingly aware of the fakery of hudud and leaving it en masse for real Islam.

(The views expressed are strictly the writer’s opinion.)


Writer, Islamic scholar, friend and guest contributor, Farouk A. Peru, is a brave Malaysian who dares to confront the bigots in Malaysia.

*Act 355

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  • Politicalamity9 says:

    the core problem lies in the interpretation of the messages in Quran. In the case of hudud and specifically referring to the punishment of thieves (cutting of the hand)…to what extend? until all 4 limbs vanished? there lies the flawed thoughts of whoever literally translated the meaning of the verse of Quran. It is obvious that the Quran in its universal context does not refer the cutting of the physical hands, literally, in its messages. For example, Our current modern world has seen crimes and thievery done without lifting a finger. so..how do you go about punishing that crime?
    Well thats just an example. Not good in really expressing myself. Maybe MR Farouk get what Im trying to say.

    p/s: btw , I hate this line ((The views expressed are strictly the writer’s opinion.). When you published something in your personal space means you are agreeing with the views. No longer the writer’s alone 🙂

  • Aseah Hassan says:

    Malaysia needs more people like you Farouk.

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