Father discovers that his child’s name was changed & his son was given-up for adoption, without his consent. How did the Welfare and National Registration Departments make such a terrible mess?

The allegations in the video and article below are serious. They should be investigated and dealt with. How common are allegations of this sort? Why is this problem, which was allegedly a common feature of the 60s and 70s, still occurring?

A few weeks ago, a father learnt that his child had been given up for adoption, without his knowledge or consent. Worse still, his son’s name had been changed, also without his consent.

Muhammad Khairul Hafiz Abdullah, (33) who is the president of the NGO “Pertubuhan Kebajikan dan Sosial Malaysia”, (PERBAK) made the shock discovery a few weeks ago.

Readers may know of Khairul, who established PERBAK in 2012, to fight for justice for the victims of former residents of a state-run orphanages, and also to protect the safety of children in government orphanages run by the Social Welfare Department (JKM).

AS PERBAK’ s president, he has assisted thousands of former JKM care children by helping them with applications for MyKads, citizenship, employment, food and monthly donations.

The story of his son, is told in his own words, in the following videos (the videos are in Malay).

His story begins in Mentakab, Pahang, where he believes he was born.

Video 1
Khairul’s plea and appeal to fellow Malaysians

Video 2
His life Story

Video 3
His shock discovery and disappointment with the government’s response.


1. , Why did the the National Registration Department (JPN) not follow procedure?

2. Why was the name which Khairul gave his son at birth, changed without his knowledge and consent. The department failed to contact him at his address.

3. Why did the Social Welfare Department (JKM) give permission for his son to be put up for adoption? They made no attempt to contact him.

4. How can he solve this problem? Who can help him? How will he find a lawyer? This case is complicated because it involves government departments. It will also be laborious and time consuming.

JPN and JKM were negligent, but it is Khairul and his son who will suffer the consequences.

5. How will Khairul find the money to pay a lawyer? Which lawyer dares to stand up to the government? This is not Khairul’s fault. This is the fault of JKM and JPN.

6. How many others have experienced similar problems, and found that their child had been renamed or given up for adoption, without the permission of either the mother or father?

7. Why did JPN and JKM violate the syariah court order? Both departments were incompetent, inefficient and breached the law.

8. How will he resolve this problem? Who will help him?

Both Khairul and his son have rights, but JPN and JKM’s negligence have denied both father and son the chance to lead a normal family life.

If you have been through a similar problem, please share your experience with us.

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