First, her hubby delays his trial many times, then his lawyer blames the dog, now the ex-FLOM, Rosmah Mansor, gets an MC to delay her trial. The ex-First Couple treats the Court like a circus.

For years, before and during her husband, the former disgraced Prime minister, Najib Abdul Razak’s tenure as PM, she was allegedly the power behind the PM’s throne.
She courted royalty from Monaco to the Middle East.
Businessmen wanted to be in her good books. 
She had her own website (all decked in pink) under the PM’s department purview, until the rakyat complained, and hubby removed it.
She boasted about her RM1,200 hairdos. She boasted about starting to save from her teenage years, to be able to buy multimillion dollar rings.
She wanted kampung folk to sample croissants (when they can’t even afford basic bread) and this prompted others to compare her with Marie Antoinette. 
She is the former, self-styled, First Lady of Malaysia (FLOM), Rosmah Mansor.
One foreign PM, now deceased, paid homage to her, instead of to Dr Mahathir, when he visited Malaysia.
No-one dared to say “no” to her.
Her Birkin Hermes bags, luxury watches and foreign trips on government jets made us furious. Her role in representing the nation, at foreign meetings, when she was only a spouse of a PM, added to our outrage.

Today, she kept the court waiting for three hours.

Then her counsel scrambled around to find an MC for her.

Unfit to attend court

The High Court was told that Rosmah, who is facing two counts of receiving bribes in connection with implementation of the solar hybrid system project for rural schools in Sarawak, was unfit to attend court proceedings.

Her counsel Akberdin Abdul Kader submitted a Certificate of Unfitness to Attend Court to the High Court and applied for a postponement.

Under the new regulation 24A of the Medical (Amendment) Regulations 1977, Rosmah had to submit a medical certificate along with the Certificate of Unfitness to Attend Court.

The proceedings adjourned for more than three hours in order for her lawyers to obtain the medical certificate.

You can read about the report in the link here.

On 15 November last year, Rosmah had pleaded not guilty in the Sessions Court to two counts of receiving bribes, totalling RM1.5 million, in the implementation of the project to supply and install solar energy at 369 rural schools in Sarawak two years ago.

She was charged under Section 16(a)(A) of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission Act.

She faces imprisonment for up to 20 years and fine of not less than five times the amount of the gratification of RM10,000, whichever is higher, upon conviction.

Our questions:

  1. Isn’t making the court wait for you to turn up (three hours), a contempt of court?
  2. Why didn’t she get her MC the day before?
  3. Who is the doctor who gave her the MC? 
  4. Is she genuinely ill or just afraid to face the music?She should NOT prolong her anguish and just go to court. She might get more ill with tension, panic attacks, high blood and depression, just by avoiding the inevitable, of going to court.
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  • A Malay says:

    MM sounds like a paid writer in every article that have been written. Takut lah sikit kepada Allah Taala bila menulis. Fitnah dan mencerca orang amat di benci oleh Allah Taala. Berhentilah cari makan dengan berbuat dosa. Tengok gaya raut muka tu dah tua dan sudah hampir masuk kubur. Bertaubat la. Bukan semua di Malaysia ni tak betul. Awak pun dapat pelajaran atas ihsan Kerajaan BN. Jangan tak sedar diri.

  • Joko says:

    perhaps one can submit the court and the judge are not so learned, weak, mesmerised, charmed, besotted, cajoled, threatened, bribed, wishy washy etcetc…or mere puppets with strings pulled by the thieving syaitans? Siapa makan cili dia rasa pedas

  • KKLOK says:

    At the very least, the court must fine her for the cost of delay.

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