First the lebais in Kelantan want to alter society to fit their vision of the Melayu. Now they want to mess with the environment to turn it into a barren desert. Another Melayu lebai get rich quick scheme.

Just access the Malaysiakini report to read the threat to the jungle, the animal species, many of which are protected, the flora and fauna and the many delicate species which the jungle protects.

Think about the effects of pollution from the mining.

Here is an excerpt

The project to mine manganese is being headed by Nadi KW Sdn Bhd, the mining arm of NadiCorp Holdings Bhd. In 2019, the company was granted a five-year mining lease, effective until March 2023.

This much I will say. Why is the lebai gomen in Kelantan greedy and does not think before it grants mining leases to companies?

Here is another excerpt from the article.

The EIA states that the potential impact of land clearing for the project was a loss of habitat for animals, and an “irreversible impact” on slow-moving ground mammals, reptiles and amphibians.

Don’t the Kelantan people care about their country, their heritage and their natural treasure?

What do the elites like Ku Li and Zaid Ibrahim and the other so-called enlightened people in Kelantan have to say about this potential pollution disaster?

Who has shares in this company?

Who has an interest in this company?

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  • Paul Wolfobitch says:


    That another way of saying cibai?

    Mining studies and environmental impact reports are mostly way way beyond the capability and capacity of our retard monkeys to comprehend.

    Those can still be just about understood by hiring folks to read them and elaborate on them s-l-o-w-l-y. But, I would doubt anything useful can be achieved in the interest of civilisation, our monkeys usually pretend they know things – or are too lazy to want to know anything.

    I still haven’t recovered from the shock there can be any creature so lost and devoid of human sense as that grinning “kissing trains” retard monkey, no joke or ill wish, the vile piece of excrement does reveal at the very minimum some pretty serious psychological problems. If not actual mental illness.

  • kambingmesra says:

    Kelantanese are completely indifferent to what is happening to their state and country. They don’t think nor do they ask questions. Their leadership leads them by their noses and frankly they are quite happy with this arrangement. This is what is happening to the country, and there does not look like it is going to improve any time soon – not in the next 50 years.

    • Paul Wolfobitch says:


      If you think like that, the rest of the whore country are no different, “We are all Kelantanese”.

      To be precise, even if those who are not “Kelantanese” all carry the same genes of gross fcuking stupidity, indifference, lack of the ability to think and ask questions, etc etc.

      The proof is for over 60 years, the greater Kelantan, just like Kelantan, has voted in a series of fcuked up gomens, all like our fcuked up electorate, “Kelantanese” or not.

      Just because they are not called “Kelantanese” doesn’t mean those wearing other labels are not genetic aberrations or fcuking biological errors.

      If they are different, the nons would have changed Malaysia, Kelantan is but just one little part of our sh*th*le country totally infested by mostly sh*th*le monkeys who always think they are fcuking geniuses.

      Malaysia is the blessed scum total of all its “Kelantanese” parts which makes its whore.

      As homework meanwhile as you wait for the sequel Zombie IV: Mageran, how can the fcuking old old zombie Snake Pharaoh M for Memali Mo be raised so many times from the dead to relive as almost-dying dead his mistakes and disastrous reigns as if our fcuking monkeys can only think like “Kelantanese”, keep doing the same thing and expect a different result, get ars*fcuked and arse to be ars*fcuked again, Alhamdulilah!

      Conclusion: Malaysians are mostly all fcuking dumb “Kelantanese”, all loving to be ars*fcuked, and all begging to get the Assmin Ali Special, over and over again, Ameen.

      Come back and tell us you are from Kelantan or Kelantan.

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