First we had period checks. Now a male teacher jokes about rape. The Ministry of Education is producing rubbish quality teachers. These teachers are in charge of our children. Minister Radzi, what is your response? You have two deputies. All 3 gaji buta

What sort of teachers is our nation producing?

The teachers are in the formative years of our children.

The photo says it all

Check out Malaysiakini for the full story. Here is the link. A video of the teenager’s allegations can been seen in the article.

This teacher should be sacked and be put on the sexual offender’s register.

Teenager, Ain Husniza Saiful Nizam, said that the the students were discussing sexual harassment during a physical and health education class at her school in the Kuala Selangor district.

The lesson started off well, with discussions on sexual harassment, taking care of their bodies and knowing their rights.

The teacher then made some jokes, normal ones at first. Then it all went downhill and more crude.

When the class was discussing laws protecting minors from sexual abuse, the teacher said ‘If you want to rape someone, don’t rape those under 18, rape those above 18’.”

The girls were shocked but the boys in the class thought this was funny.

hat is being taught at home by their parents?

Ain’s video is on social media platform TikTok which was then uploaded to Twitter.

Some of you may think I am too extreme about sacking the teacher and putting him on the sex offender’s list.

I think that enough is enough. Period checks, and now this?

In the past, teachers who raped their charges were merely transferred to other schools. The teacher should be put on trial and jailed, if found guilty.

We have young children being taught by these idiots.

Minister Radzi Jidin needs to respond immediately to these serious allegations.

Successive Education Ministers have failed Malaysian children.

Guess what? Maihaddin, aka Muhyiddin Yassin was for many years the Education Minister.


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  • Paul Wolfobitch says:

    “Minister Radzi, what is your response? You have two deputies. All 3 gaji buta”

    Ain’t that the question – and the correct answer?

    If they “could do better”, Singapore would have poached them instant Lee.

  • Paul Wolfobitch says:

    Malaysia is turd-rate in everything, so it is not at all difficult to understand why such things as groping private parts of kids, and telling sick rape “jokes” in a country that is still in the Stone Age when it comes to civilised behaviour, a civilised gomen, and when it comes to religion.

    Whatever some countries fail in civilised behaviour, Malaysia fails worse.

    With a series of seriously fcuked up gomens, fcuked up “religious” clergy, fcuked up “education”, and fcuked up mentality of a population fcuked up by fucked up “education”, it is only natural we get such fcuked up unbelievable behaviour reported by, thank kids with better sense, our fcuked up errr “supremacy” – what is “ketuanan” but a sick joke dug out of a sick arseh*le not with a prescribed stick (or stone) but with a long pole!

    Things have to be looked at in a proper perspective: we are a seriously fcuked up country, with seriously fcuked up garbage-grade political and “religious” clown fcuking monkeys hogging the show in just about everything they can dutifully and diligently fcuk up. There are no end of dumbfcuk monkeys forever playing little Napoleons when they’ve barely left their fcuking nappies and learn to wobble around like cute little dumbfcuks in an adult world.

    You can’t expect any good result from taxing the few grey cells of our fcuking monkeys in gomen or in any religious outfit any more than you can expect a dog to lay eggs, the monkeys in power are always seriously backward kampong longkang slime-grade clowns, hardly educated (or with questionable fake qualifications), hardly awake to anything except free money to grab and flaunting power, utterly clueless about anything, useless at anything, fcuking up anything they touch or talk about, and utterly worthless – put them side by side with the capable (say, Singaporeans), they all look a fcuking big bunch of worthless arseh*les, all with decorative titles that get them or country nowhere!

    It would be impossible to get blood from stone, so unless we dispose of our political and “religious” garbage, we can only expect our “educated” to grope at private parts, and our “teachers” to tell sick rape “jokes”. With the fcuked up we can only expect fcuked up results – the fcuked up in “education” is the result of fucked up non-thinking by the fcuked up in gomen and in “religion”.

    Being fcuked up, we can well expect seriously offensive, worrying and embarrassing issues to again be swept under the magic carpet lest they highlight the gigantic and gross stupidity of our gomen, and those in “education” and “religion” – the chief tasks of our prized fcuking monkeys are to create fcuked up ideas and to hide the consequential failures and disasters.

    Our fcuking monkeys are actually really lacking in intelligence, until they get their few grey cells taxed with a minimal amount of challenge, they don’t ever get to know how fcuking stupid they are, you need a bit of intelligence to know you are stupid, dear fcuking monkeys! Until you’ve developed a little bit of intelligence, you won’t know what a blazing bunch of hilarious fcuking moron “supremacists” you are! Malaysia is a zoo run by the fcuking incredibly moronic monkeys!

    But there is hope yet. If children are not abused and suppressed, they would yet expose more of those who think they can retard the development of our children, Malaysia has such stupid and weak political and “religious” monkeys who think to make themselves “taller” and with “supremacy” they should cut off the legs of others to make themselves look “taller”.

    Where our political monkeys and “religious” monkeys show lack of basic intelligence or sense – and that is everywhere and in everything, I hope our children will continue to expose those holding them back and holding back civilisation and our country.

    Power to our children!

  • jatuhtanggong says:

    All this is happening in a Malay government. If there had been 35% non Malay ministers, I would have said Malaysian government. But we don’t, so it is a Malay government. Has it solved our problems? Sorry, has it solved Malay problems?. Definitely no. On the contrary, this Malay government is making life miserable for Malays – including sexual harassment and abuse, and sometimes rape. Why are the majority of Malays so placid? No comments on twitter etc. Only proves my point that Malays accept and condone dysfunctional and criminal behaviour among Malays.

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