Foreign & domestic direct investors can donate to political parties & Jabba.

Malaysia is the politicians‘, pencuri and penipus’ paradise. Confirm oredi.

Today, the Court of Appeal overturned the RM2 million corruption conviction against former federal territories minister Adnan Mansor,the wannabe prince from Acheh.

The three-person bench, in a majority 2-1 decision, allowed Adnan’s appeal during open court proceedings.

The majority decision, by panel chairperson Suraya Othman and panel member Ahmad Nasfy Yasin, allowed the appeal, ruling that the RM2 million was a political donation for two by-elections.

A. Immediate reaction.

First. What did I say about the POWER of ONE?

If ONE…..just one high ranking Umno-Baru politician goes to jail, then a domino effect will start and the rakyat will demand that ALL the corrupt politicians, especially from Umno-Baru and their clones, like Bersatu and their hangers-on, like PAS, should be sent to jail.

That is the power of One….(read it here)

So, for Mahiaddin and company, jailing one of their own, cannot be allowed to happen. No-one from the extended Umno-Baru family of Bersatu and PAS, should go to jail. In the end, Hadi Awang’s “kerajaan Allah” answered their prayers,

Second. 4 R criteria. (Race, religion, royalty, rasuah)

Adnan satisfies the 4 Rs. He is Malay albeit a pseudo Malay as he is from Acheh. He is Muslim and he claims to be royal and fashions himself as a Tengku. He was charged for corruption, which in Malaysian political language is the other name for “donation”.

As far as the authorities are concerned, anyone with the 4Rs must be blemish free. He must appear to be squeaky clean, although he may smell of yesterday’s diapers.

Third. Mahiaddin’s deal or did God answer his prayers?

Mahiaddin is on dodgy ground. He needs to stay in power but his razor thin majority (probably at this point in time, he does not have a majority) looks even more precarious.

So, has a deal been struck for Adnan’s loyalty? Who knows? In Malaysia, politicians do NOT think about the rakyat or doing good for the rakyat. Politicians only take care of their own kind. Is there a new group of Umno-Baru turncoats comprising Tajuddin Abdul Rahman, Adnan Mansor and Nazri Aziz?

B. Questions.

Was the prosecution sloppy during the trial? We are told that the “Not guilty” decision was reached not because of insufficient evidence but because of failures by the Prosecution. What happened?

Read all about Adnan Mansor’s case at these two links.

According to the charge, Adnan, in his capacity as a public servant, namely as then federal territories minister, was accused of having accepted for himself RM2 million from Chai Kin Kong, who is the director of Aset Kayamas Sdn Bhd, via a Hong Leong Islamic Bank cheque belonging to Aset Kayamas.

The cheque was later allegedly deposited into the CIMB Bank account of Tadmansori Holdings Sdn Bhd, in which the accused had an alleged interest when it was purported that Aset Kayamas had a connection with his official duties.

Here are some more excerpts.

(i) “The Court of Appeal ruled that in 2016, the RM2 million that former federal territories minister Adnan Mansor received was a political donation for two by-elections. (OMG…..I’m looking out my window and a flock of pigs is flying overhead….)

The appellate court also quashed a lower court’s verdict finding Adnan guilty of corruption in receiving the money”.

(ii) The RM2 million was a donation by Chai for expenses in the Kuala Kangsar and Sungai Besar by-elections.

(iii) Chairman of the three man penal of judges, Suraya Othman said that the trial judge also failed to take into account the testimony by Tadmansori CEO Hasbi Jaafar which backed the defence’s contention that the RM2 million sum was a political donation to Umno for the two by-elections.


We are told that under the Election Offences Act, the election spending limit per parliamentary constituency is RM200,000.

Errr…..maybe I cannot count, but isn’t the donation way above the RM200,000 limit?

More questions than answers

  1. Does this mean every single MP can receive millions of ringgits from businesses without any repercussions whatsoever?
  2. If a dodgy crony or dodgy company labels his bribe as a ‘donation;, will he be let off the hook and no corruption case can be proven against him?
  3. How come the ‘donation’ for elections was not deposited into the party’s account but ended up in an account of which the accused had an interest?
  4. If political bribes are termed ‘donations’, MACC should be dissolved as they will have no work.
  5. Was the political ‘donation’ taxed at the recipient’s end?
  6. Will the ‘donor’ be subjected to a tax audit ?
  7. What will the Attorney-General’s response be?
  8. How was the political ‘donation’ spent? There should be invoices, receipts, ie a paper trail
  9. Who is the next corrupt Umno-Baru politician to be set free? Don’t you think that all of a sudden, Najib’s future looks very bright indeed.
  10. How many other donations have been made without our knowledge? Why don’t we just set all the corrupt politicians and cronies free now? We will save a lot of time waiting for the trial to get underway. We will save a lot of taxpayers money. Just think how much we can save by not having police escorts, security guard, court officials, judges, lawyers, photocopy assistant, the jaga kereta boy, the canteen operators, cleaners, and journalists

Other high profile cases that were acquitted (full or DNAA)

Adnan being let off will be the third high profile case where the rakyat have been disappointed by the final outcome. So you see, in Malaysia, if you have kabel ke atas, (friends in high places, eg God, who will answer your prayers) semua beres (everything will be taken care of.)

In January 2020, former Sabah Chief Minister, Musa Aman was acquitted of corruption and money laundering. He was facing 46 charges related to timber deals that took place between 2004 and 2008 in Hong Kong, mainland China and Singapore.

Earlier, the convicted criminal Najib Abdul Razak’s stepson Riza Aziz, who was on trial for money laundering related to the 1MDB, was also let off.

The Adnan Mansor trial confirms this:

When you are with the government, all money that a corrupt businessman decides to give you is classified as a ‘donation’, but if you are in the Opposition, any money that you receive, is classified as corruption. This is the donation SOP for Malaysia.

Only you can change this

Rebuilding Malaysia


  • Winston says:

    As far as Trump is concerned, anyone who say inconvenient truths about him will get called all sorts of names regardless of whether he had any grounds to do so.
    But what Cik Mariam is doing here is to call a spade a spade.
    And there is plenty of supporting evidence to call them as such.
    The whole trouble with most Malaysians is that they have too much respect for anyone in power regardless of what that person has done.
    That’s how this resource rich country will soon be finding itself in the Mariana’s Trench.
    It’s long, long past time the inhibitants of this country wake themselves up from their stupor!!!

  • Steven Wong says:

    The bribe giver, Chai, was found guilty and punished. It takes 2 hands to clap. Why is the other hand not guilty?? Only in Malusia.

  • Paul Wolfobitch says:

    “Others do that too”?

    The whore of the US and UK gomen is full of politicians on the take, be that “donations”, freebies, junkets, positions and gifts for the family from big businesses, rich individuals, and foreign gomens and individuals.

    And how else too can the usual dumbfcuk children of our politicians end up with fabulous wealth?

    It’s only left to say he who pays the piper, calls the tune.

    Our despicable politicians, both those in gomen and “opposition” have been singing lots of tunes for businesses and individuals, both local and foreign for decades, and more years to come.

    My favourite story is the one about that Manchester Mouth, that has-been “minor royalty” said something naughty about a certain rich Chinese. Immediately, so many running dog arsel*ckers jumped up to defend that so-and-so.

    I’ve never come across anyone our politicians who would “defend” that’s not for their own benefit – and whose name and stature they would otherwise remember.

    Ok, lah, I am not counting that raped Malay girl whose memory is dug out all the time to serve her “saviour” lah.

    A quick and easy fix to the problem of bribes is to ban donations altogether, and political candidates work from a base line of genuine support from voters, no expensive publicity blitz, fixed venues used made available by public funding, no bribes to voters, etc etc. All caught giving donations to be arrested and jailed, have their arsed whipped, and their datuk etc titles taken back.

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