Four reasons we were wrong about Malaysia

Here are four things we got wrong about Malaysia. 

1. You’ll be safe, if you don’t criticise the government.

Do you think so? 
Just try to stand in the way of a powerful person, and then find out. 
You could be that person’s rival in business, or a government tender, a job application or perhaps, in love, in politics, a piece of land, or a position of power. 

2. Malaysia is a democratic nation

Just because we vote every five years, does not mean that we are a democracy.
What you see every five years, are politicians making their rounds, holding babies in their arms and kissing them for the photoshoot. Distributing cans of milo and bags of rice. Milk powder. Sarees. Outboard motors.
Promises. Promises. Promises.
It’s coming to that time of year again…Remember GE-14? 
Will you do the right thing? Or will you fall for the empty promises, yet again?

3. The Malays are the privileged class and they will reject change

Wrong again! Did you not see the Malays in the Bersih marches?

The only Malays who are privileged, are the Umno-Baru elites. Those lower down the pecking order, follow orders, because they hope to fill their boss’s shoes one day.

The PAS Malays have probably been told they will go to heaven, if they do as Umno-Baru tells them.

Look around you! The Malay is like a caged animal. What he eats, where he eats, who he holds hands with. How she dresses, her profession, her friends, her mannerisms. Should the Malays feel privileged to be a tool, of the religious men and Malay leaders?

Ordinary  Malays cannot afford shares, or the expensive housing developments, even after discount. The NEP benefits the Umno-Baru elite, and not the ordinary Malay.

Most Malays want change. Malays are now part of the brain drain and many overseas Malay students are reluctant to return home after their studies.

Malays who criticise Umno-Baru have doors slammed shut in their faces: No promotions. No contracts. No jobs. No scholarships. No travel allowed….Ask Zunar.

The Malays are not privileged, only Umno-Baruputras are. Many ordinary Malays desire change.

4. Different classes of citizenship

No. No. No. Non-Malays are fourth class citizens.

First class citizens are royalty or Umno-Baruputras.

Second class citizens are ordinary Malays.

Third class citizens are the pseudo-Malays. They are former illegal, Muslim Indonesian or Filipinos, who traded obtained voting rights for citizenship. 

Fourth class citizens are the non-Malays.

Fifth class citizens are the Orang Asli.

Sixth class citizens are the Malay women. The Malays are subject to two laws – Syariah and Civil. The Malay woman has a third burden to shoulder. Male discrimination. Ask the many Malay women who have been failed by a poorly enforced Syariah law, even after a court judgement.

The solution

If you want change, you can do something about it. 

In GE-14.

Are you registered to vote?



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