From 1Malaysia…to 1Malay…to 1Umno-Baru…to 1Najib

It all started relatively well for Najib Abdul Razak with his “1Malaysia” soundbite.

“1Malaysia” was used to maximum effect. The people loved it. “1Malaysia” was electrifying – It united Malaysians, it was inclusive.

And then…

The rakyat noticed  the ease with which ‘1Malaysia’ morphed into ‘1Malay’.

Gradually, “1Malay” became “1Umno-Baru.”

Worse was to follow…

Finally, “1Umno Baru” ended up becoming “1Najib”.

So, from… “1Malaysia” => “1Malay” => “1Umno-Baru” => “1Najib”.

“1Najib” is all about him…His control of the nation, his control of the party, his donation, his power, his policies, his cronies, his yes men, his…his…his…..all his……….no mention of doing things for the good of rakyat or of nation….

When a former PM criticised Najib for the alleged corruption and generous donation, do you honestly think this man did it for the good of the rakyat or nation?

If he was so concerned, he would ask that Umno-Baru be dismantled because the party perpetuates the lack of justice, lack of rule of law, lack of accountability, lack of responsibility, lack of leadership… is all about “me…me…me…” and “What is in it for me?”

This is the reality and low point of Najib Abdul Razak’s moderate Malaysia.

1Malaysia. Remember how people in his cabinet disagreed with this slogan and said, “I am 1Malay first, 1Malaysia second”??

1Malay:  Despite Najib telling the United Nations and all those gullible foreign leaders, like Obama and Cameron, that he is a moderate nation, back home, the Malays were told to isolate the word “Allah” from the bumiputera Malaysians. Najib’s administration’s policies reflected affirmative action policies with Malays being given preferential treatment in education, contracts, business, house applications etc

1Umno-Baru: Only Umno-Baru politicians have access to funds to develop their constituencies, the publicity on mainstream media (look at TV3 and see how they alternate between both equally mind-numbing drama minggu ini, to keep the housewives occupied with fiction…..and political propaganda how some Umno-Baru politician has generously visited some obscure village or given donation to a deprived child…etc

Najib’s original ‘1Malaysia’ gave some people hope. They were led to believe that he would be the political reformist that Malaysia needed. It was a short-lived dream, because away from the public eye, steps were taken to strengthen the Malay stranglehold on the nation’s coffers, in ‘1Malay’.

To ensure that ‘1Malay’ proceeded smoothly, it was necessary to have ‘1Umno Baru’ to control the reins of power. Unfortunately, greed and hunger for power, proved too much, for some.

If Najib had learnt to share the spoils, with all the cronies, and not just with his select few, the internal Umno Baru rebellion could have been averted. Phase 4 of Najib’s masterplan, to consolidate his rule, was the installation of his ‘yes-men’.

The transition from ‘1Malaysia’ to ‘1Najib’, finally prompted former PM Mahathir Mohamad to attack Najib, but to no avail.

It is alleged that Mahathir’s cronies had moaned that they were excluded from new, lucrative government projects.

Mahathir’s only course of action was to remove Najib, but Najib’s removal would not solve anything. The decrepit system is at fault. The system of governance, justice and fairness has broken down, and Malaysia needs a complete overhaul, like an old house needs revamping. This is where Bersih 4 comes in.

Umno Baru’s propaganda machine has been at work, trying to scare the people from taking part in Bersih 4. It claims it is a plot to topple the government. Of course it would say that!

The aim of Bersih 4 is simple; to prevent cheating, fraud and corruption in GE14 and subsequent elections.

The other four demands of Bersih 4 can only be met with clean elections.

If you want to save Malaysia for your children and grandchildren, do take part in the peaceful Bersih 4 rally, on Aug 29 and 30, 2015.

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