From Mat Basikal to Mat Rempit, from Mat Mosquito to Mat Moto

Before some of you judge and blame the 22-year-old woman involved in the bicycle tragedy last week, and accuse her of speeding, of texting on her hand-phone and of deliberately mowing down the 30 – 40 bicyclists, on the Middle Ring Road, in Johore Baru, please view this video.

Have you been on a road, when out of the darkness, a bicyclist comes towards you? 

His bicycle has no lights, front or back, and he is wearing dark clothing. In other words, he is NOT visible. 

Have you driven on a road, and a group of Mat Rempits drive alongside. They start weaving in and out, block you and other traffic and drive dangerously. You are on your own. You cannot escape as your vehicle is surrounded.

If you think Mat Rempits are bad and those on bicycles are “not-s0-dangerous”,  have a look at this video.

Do the Mat Mosquitoes know the highway code? Are they aware that even bicyclists have rules and are not supposed to be on the highway? Do they know that bicyclists must not clump together? What about being visible? What about racing on roads meant for normal road users, not racing on bicycles? What about weaving in and out of traffic? 

View… then, tell us if you would like to be caught in a situation, similar to the one experienced by the woman driver who was involved in the cycling tragedy last week.

Life is cheap, but only if you think  life is not worth living.

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