From Syariah law to Chairman of MADA. How is this political appointment going to benefit agriculture? How will an Islamic studies expert resolve the nation’s serious food security issues?

Only politicians have job security. During the Coronavirus pandemic & economic recession, people are being made redundant; but politicians keep two jobs.

Islamic law and Arabic expert

Today, the PAS MP for Sik, Ahmad Tarmizi Sulaiman, was appointed the new chairman of the Muda Agricultural Development Authority (Mada).

The Agriculture and Food Industry Minister, Ronald Kiandee, said that Tarmizi will serve for two-years (from 16 May). and that the Agong had consented to Tarmizi’s appointment.

Tarmizi thanked Muhyiddin Yassin for appointing him and he expressed his commitment to ensure that Mada will intensify efforts to develop rice cultivation and also safeguard the welfare of farmers.

According to Berita Harian (BH), Tarmizi has an:-

-‘Ijazah Sarjana Muda Syariah dan Undang-Undang (Bachelor’s degree in Shariah and Law) from University Malaya,

-Diploma Perundangan Syariah (Diploma in Islamic Law) from Univeristi Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia (UIAM) and

-Diploma Pendidikan Islam dan Bahasa Arab (Diploma in Islamic Studies and Arabic) from the Institut Perguruan Islam Darul Aman (IPDA).

BH said that Tarmizi has wide experience in management and was once the Coordinator of the International Humanitarian Aid Center, for the Malaysian Islamic Council (MAPIM) Advisory Council. He was a teacher in Islamic Studies from 2007 to 2013.

My questions:

  1. Why has no-one with experience in agriculture or a related field, been appointed chairman?
  2. Of what relevance is the politician for this post? This MP is an Islamic studies and Arabic expert.
  3. If professionals in agriculture are not considered for the post, what sort of message does it send out to the public?
  4. People are being made redundant but it appears that politicians have good job security.
  5. Why bother to encourage students to study and become professionals, when all they have to do is major in “ampu-bodek”, leave school, become a tea-boy to a politician, rise up the ranks to become the politician’s political aide, then when an opening arises, seek to be elected as MP, and have a plum job as an extra.
  6. What is Tarmizi’s monthly wage? What are his perks as the MADA chairman?
  7. With serious issues about the nation’s food security, Muhyiddin plays politics. He only cares for himself and not Malaysia.
  8. Who will put a stop to this mockery of the various institutions?
  9. Why have the academics and other professional bodies in agriculture kept quiet?
  10. Tarmizi said that he was committed to the development of rice cultivation and that the welfare of farmers would be safeguarded. What are his plans?

Our institutions are being dismantled and politicised. What do you think about this particular appointment?

(NB: I was not really aware of the workings of MADA or other agricultural bodies, until recently, when a few individuals brought to my attention, some disturbing agricultural issues.)

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