GE-14 is a “Make or Break” election for our nation.

Me: Many people are anti-Mahathir and are displeased with the new Mahathir and Pakatan Harapan line-up. Are the people who refuse to vote in GE-14, just because they are anti-Mahathir, being selfish and irresponsible?

Thomas (in brief): I understand their reservations. It is true that a lot of the troubles that our country is in, has its foundation in what Mahathir has done. 

We must look at the reality. We are in a desperate situation as a country.

In an election, it is always about making a choice. The choice between the lesser of two evils.

The 1MDB scandal exposed the full extent of corruption and abuse of the institutions that are supposed to protect us…

(Full details are in this short video clip).

Desperate situation.

Thomas appeals to our better senses, to give Pakatan Harapan (PH) a chance to rectify the nation.

He tells us that if PH does not perform, to remove them in GE-15. He reassures us that there are many good people in PH, and he is encouraged that many capable young Malaysians have entered politics, and will be given a higher profile and more opportunities to serve the nation.

He is confident that more of the younger generation will be fielded in GE-14.

Thomas’ Main Thrust:

GE-14 is crucial.

We are in a “Make or break” election for our nation.

We must put aside our differences.

We should NOT throw away our vote by not voting.

He said, “Don’t allow our country to spiral to become a failed state. Idealism is a luxury we cannot afford, when our house is on fire.

(Note: He also tells us about getting registered, to vote in the general elections, if we have not done so yet)

Rebuilding Malaysia


  • Farida Reiss says:

    Any other party but UMNO and PAS.

  • Awang says:

    Speaking to voters like children certainly doesn’t help. Even though Thomas acknowledge ‘idealism’ aka principals don’t matter, voters need make educated guess about this Mahathir not being a snake and causing more problems down the road.

    For sure most PKR voters are willing to ‘throw away idealism’ and gamble on Mahathir even though his new manifesto looks like the old one, and he certainly hasn’t shown repentance. PKR themselves need to show that they have this ghost from the past under control to woo the minority of what Thomas mockingly calls ‘idealist’ voters. That, Thomas has to acknowledge.

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