GE-14 is due, but it is “Made in China”…Najib is truly under Beijing’s control

Photo from the factory floor in China

The photo shows the production of BN buntings/banners in a factory in the People’s Republic of China (PRC)

I cannot verify the photos but it is from a reliable source.

Not only has he sold out Malaysia, but Najib Abdul Razak has also sold himself to Beijing. This can only mean one thing. GE-14 is coming soon.

Vital clues for GE

In the past, we would know that a general election was due. 

In Ipoh, for instance, the printers would not take on any additional work because they were busy printing BN banners and buntings. 

The transport companies could not spare any lorries and drivers, because they were booked up transporting these banners to wherever they were needed.

General workers would string the buntings and banners along roads, across buildings, over roundabouts,  and whole communities became an eyesore with unsightly banners and buntings. The Opposition felt they had to counter the BN buntings and put theirs up too. (If you live in the west, eg UK, few buntings and banners would be put up).

Another clue was schools being “booked” for polling day, and chairs and tables requisitioned for polling use.

Civil servants could find their leave cancelled.

Please share your clues with us.

About Najib

Najib is acting like a control freak and if he allegedly outsources his printing work to companies in the PRC, this implies that:-

  1. Najib does not trust his own people, ie Malaysians.
  2. Najib wants to keep the dates of GE-14 secret.
  3. Najib will not help Malaysian companies and give them work. Instead, he outsources the work to the PRC.
  4. Najib is under Beijing’s thumb and is  helping PRC companies.
  5. Is this (helping PRC companies) a condition for the PRC to bail out 1MDB?

Najib, wants to keep everything under this thumb, hide many things from the Malaysian rakyat and more importantly, do not want the Opposition to be prepared.

So you still want him as the prime minister of Malaysia?


Rebuilding Malaysia

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