GET your BANNED G25 book from the link here…”Breaking the Silence: Voices of Moderation”

The government has banned the book by G25, as it was deemed to be prejudicial to public order.

Deputy Prime Minister, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, who is also the Home Minister, authorised the ban on the book titled “Breaking the Silence: Voices of Moderation – Islam in a Constitutional Democracy”, on 14 June.

The REAL REASON is because the gomen is afraid. Afraid that Malay minds will be opened….and Malays will have no problems discussing and debating what has thus far, been wrongly promoted as a “sensitive topic”.

The only one who is sensitive is the gomen. They are afraid of losing power…that is all…and a thinking Malay is dangerous to them…A thinking Malay will not believe lies and deception.

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Thank you and Happy Reading!

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