Give Credit Where Credit is Due: Thank You PDRM for keeping us safe.

To the IGP Fuzi Harun and his police force,

Thank you for keeping Malaysians safe, and for restoring our confidence in the PDRM

We wanted to exercise our democratic right in GE-14, but we were aware of rumours that emergency rule would be installed once the results were known, or before, but your wisdom and professionalism prevented it.

You must appreciate our anxiety because in the past where Umno-Baru youths have overstepped the mark. They bullied ordinary people and went on a rampage.

Also in the past, our rakyat have been cowed by threats, again by Umno-Baru of a repeat of 13 May.

Last 9 and 10 May, photos of your men sleeping on the ground, exhausted after a long day manning ballot centres and performing their duty, have gone viral.

We salute them for their dedication and patriotism.

We thank the PDRM for keeping the rakyat safe.

Rebuilding Malaysia


  • Soo says:

    Thank you Mariam, Bersih group and those who support the change of government! The change had given me a tremendous hope and meaning to life.
    We must continue to make changes for the benefits for all!

  • Soo says:

    Mariam , you are great! PDRM , you have done a superb job! You have returned confidence to the raktyat, not thread! That’s one crucial image YOU have shown to have installed in our beloved country. DORM and the rest of the institutions alike must realize that they are independent and bias bodies, and not attached to the government of the day! Lots of government servants don’t realize that.
    A new life is dawned…a better and hopeful one! We call ourselves Malaysians!

  • Augustine Basnayake says:

    Only this time we have seen the PDRM in the role that we always wanted them to be , the protector of the rakyat. ! We cannot forget the many many times it has followed the unjust orders from higher ups and made the rakyat suffer the consequences of a dictatorial regime tho’ an elected one !
    It is time for the PDRM to regain the respect and confidence of the rakyat by being ‘people-friendly’ and going out of their way to HELP the citizen and never harass the docile ever ! Thank you all the same !

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