Gong Xi Fa Cai…Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year

To everyone, here’s wishing you ….Gong Xi Fa Cai

May the Year of the Rat bring you lots of good fortune, wealth and good health 

Today, we yam seng….

…tomorrow….more yam seng

….then we get back to work, to get Malaysia back on its feet….

Do Not Give up on our dream…of an equal Malaysia

Together we can rebuild the nation

When I cannot do it, you continue…when you cannot do it…I will continue for you…

Do not under-estimate the power of a dream

Feast and be merry… then we get back to work

Rebuilding Malaysia

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  • double tree says:

    There are 2 videos from Indonesia. One is a news item that says that Mandarin is a compulsory subject in tahfizs/madrassahs in Indonesia and a pass is mandatory. Mamak, do you see this?
    Second there is another video showing members of the Indonesian Army performing the Lion dance on CNY celebrations in Indonesia, complete with drums and cymbals. All the performers are dressed in camouflage uniforms of the Army. Mamak, do you see this? And tell your Professor Kling to see it too and learn something before he goes to hell. Maybe this knowledge will save him from hell.

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