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They were great as the Opposition but rather disappointing in government, heartbreaking in fact. So, have you a burning question for DAP? Want to know why they are silent on many issues? Here is your chance to grill two DAP MPs in two weeks time. Keep your diary free that day.

From the roaring tiger to a timid pussy. What has become of the DAP?

Do you ever wonder why the DAP is silent on several issues now that they are in government?

From ministerial spouses being accused of nepotism, to keeping silent when Umno-Baru politicians try to free Najib, to sleeping with their corrupt former adversaries, Umno-Baru, to several more issues like allowing Mr Madani to bulldoze his 3R agenda and not pushing him to stick to his word, ie the promised reforms.

Now that they are in power, the allegation is that they are just as bad as the MCA.

NB: The last time four DAP MPs were in London, many of you were dissatisfied with their responses. Well, do NOT give up. Now you have another chance to have a good go at them

Rebuilding Malaysia
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