Hadi’s irresponsible statement about Coronavirus being a test from God.

What did Malaysians do to receive this terrible punishment, in the form of Hadi Awang, the PAS leader? (ni kita tiru logik-nya)

Recently, Hadi made the outrageous claim, that Coronavirus was a test from God, and only “kerajaan Allah” can overcome the battle with the disease

With science, one uses facts and experiments to prove or disprove, a hypothesis.

With men of religion, like Hadi, facts don’t matter much and they will simply waffle, spin and make rash statements that are both irresponsible and very misleading.

The problem with Malaysia is that we have clerics who are wannabe politicians like Hadi and politicians, who are wannabe clerics, like Zahid Hamidi, who once claimed that the floods in Penang were a sign from God, for Gerakan to retake Penang from DAP.

If everything is God’s punishment or a test, why do we need men of science to treat us for disease?

So what evil did the Kelantanese people do, to suffer the floods, Hadi and PAS? That’s a triple whammy punishment from God.

Why bother to study for an examination, if all one has to do is to hold special prayers to pass the exams (sembahyang hajat)?

Why bother with relationships, because Hadi will explain a failed marriage as fate. He will explain that a fire which kills is another test from God.

He also said, ““The political pandemic in Malaysia is a bit different though. However, this virus is spreading very fast. It started with Pakatan Harapan (PH) winning the 2018 election with promises in the manifesto, most of which were lies.

“They won with the help of the social media which was funded to spread lies and fake news. They then set up a government which was not only liberal but also dared to challenge the position of Islam and the Royalty. The LGBT community also started making demands freely.”

People do not question Islam, but people do wonder how and why irresponsible men like Hadi, who claim to be men of the cloth and men of God, continue to mislead people.

People like Hadi sow seeds of division to make the population mistrust one another.

People like Hadi have only one aim, which is to further their own agendas. They do not know their own religion and use it to manipulate minds. THey can’t recognise corruption even if it were to hit them on the face. There is no equality. They treat women like second class citizens, they treat non-Muslims like third-class citizens.

People do not challenge royalty. Malaysians think twice before openly questioning the monarchy. Anyone who is foolish enough to challenge royalty, as Hadi puts it, would be arrested and charged with sedition. Malaysians do not want the hassle BUT now that the pandemic has increased the suffering of the public, people will start to wonder why the Élite class are not doing more to help them. To be it bluntly, if there were no peasants, there would be no royals. It is as simple as that.

Perhaps, now that the rakyat have nothing to lose (many have lost everything, money, homes, relationships, breadwinners, even their sanity) they may start to ‘challenge royalty’ because it does not look to most people, that more effort is being mobilised, to help Malaysia/Malaysians.

People do wonder why none of the royals, who are supposed to be guardians of the faith in each state, has not censured clerics like Hadi for his daft comments.

Remember the former mufti of Perak, who said that Malaysians should not visit the open houses of non-Muslims during the festivals like Christmas, Chinese New Year or Deepavali? Malaysia is multi-racial and when muftis divide us, one would have hoped that at least one royal would have stood-up for the Malaysian rakyat.

The LGBT have not made any extraordinary demands. They just want to be left alone and not be abused, violently attacked, threatened, or in some cases killed.

In an excerpt from this link about Hadi’s “kerajaan Allah”, Hadi quoted Islamic verses and said PH fell in a democratic way after a group of MPs realised they were wrong and returned to the “right path” to save the country.

Does Hadi mean that corruption is PN’s path? Mahiaddin Yassin’s inducement and promises of position and perks to entice politicians to become political frogs is a corrupt path

What is Hadi’s contribution towards dealing with the pandemic? As our Special-Envoy-to-the-middle-east he is “makan-gaji-buta”.

Going by his logic, one would not need social distancing or take precautions against Coronavirus because God will protect us.

Hadi is irresponsible, an attention seeker and an opportunist. In other words, he is dangerous and should be removed from government.

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  • Paul Wolfobitch says:

    “Right on Miriam!”

    She’s called Mariam.

    And you must have a master’s degree or even a PhD from a Malaysian University or two.

    Still, whether Mariam or Miriam, the Quran and Mo got Jesus’ mummy wrong.

    What’s more, Isa is not Jesus.

  • Paul Wolfobitch says:

    There’s never the need to listen to or read any sh*t, the only output from the bogus holy clown bugger.

    Hardy Awankr is not half funny without his buddy Laurel.

    Yea, verily, anyone not heard the very interesting and outspoken Umairah, should waft over to the channel below and be pleasantly enlightened, Alhamdulilah!

    And when you’ve done so, you’ll want to tell wan and all about the lovely surprise, Ameen.

    Yes, fcuk Hardy, fcuk the munafiq mullahs, Alhamdulilah!


  • Steven says:

    I am curious too. Why have the royals not censured Hadi?

    By keeping silent, they too are complicit in the wrongs Hadi commits with his nonsensical statements.

    Is this what Islam all about?

    • Paul Wolfobitch says:

      I don’t think Auntie here will be able to answer you, but I am curious too.

      Why don’t you ask “the royals”?

      You could front a petition to “the royals”, charge them for their “silence”, and being “complicit in the wrongs Hadi commits”.

      I am pretty sure you’d be bestowed some kind of response.

      You can also cc a copy of the petition to Hadi with some questions, we need to know how he’s egged on “the royals” with his “wrongs’. If he’s done wrong, he might even get his head chopped off. Or at least his holy arse whipped, seat at the front row and peanuts and deep-fried ikan bilis for me, Alhamdulilah, and Take Beer!

  • Joseph Paul says:

    Right on Miriam!
    Can you now pls repeat that in Malay for the benefit of most of those who are being conned by this snake oil salesman in religious garb , and don’t understand English

    • Paul Wolfobitch says:

      “Right on Miriam!”

      She’s called Mariam.

      And you must have a master’s degree or even a PhD from a Malaysian University or two.

      Still, whether Mariam or Miriam, the Quran and Mo got Jesus’ mummy wrong.

      What’s more, Isa is not Jesus.

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