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Hannah Yeoh: Proselytiser or political victim? Discussion with Farouk A. Peru of Merdeka Samudra

In 2008, Hannah Yeoh won a landslide victory in Subang Jaya, in the Selangor state elections. She retained this seat in 2013. In 2014, the Selangor Assembly appointed 34-year-old Yeoh as Speaker, thus creating history as Malaysia’s first female speaker, and also its youngest.

Yeoh wrote a book, “Becoming Hannah: A Personal  Journey” which details her life as a young Malaysian, a wife and a mother. The book, which was published in 2014, had been openly sold  with no restrictions by the authorities.

In this video, Farouk A Peru and I, discuss the problem which Hannah Yeoh faced last week.

In the second half of the video, we touch on recent highlights in Malaysia, in particular the “slapping” incident.


Please note: The times in brackets are approximate.. Just play around with the timings (+/-) if you want to hear Farouk’s response to a particular question.

    1. What happened to Hannah Yeoh? (0.35 min)
      A police report was made against Hannah Yeoh for allegedly trying to proselytise others; however…
    2. How did this whole episode begin? (1.56 min)
      Kamarul accused Hannah of hypocrisy because the DAP is secular. Then he said…
    3. Why is he only commenting on the book now? (3.30 min)
      Perhaps he is a slow reader, or….
    4. Why are these issues a problem in Malaysia? (5.17 min)
      Please note that Hannah did not state that Muslims or indeed anyone should adopt her faith. Remember though that…
    5. How do we get out of this quagmire? (6.30 min)
      The answer is not what most Muslims will agree with……listen and you will find out….
    6. Film director, David Teo, is slapped by Sulaiman Yassin, aka Mat More, at a function hosted by PM, Najib Abdul Razak. (10.57 min)
      Farouk talks about the sense of entitlement of the Malays….

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