Happy Easter

Wishing you Peace, Joy, Love

& Happiness,

for Easter and always.

Easter. A time of hope and a new beginning.

Specially for you, here are three good books for Easter.

First. “101 Treasures of the Catholic Faith” and “More Treasures of The Catholic Faith”, by Jennifer Duarte, give both the Christian and non-Christian a good understanding of the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Jennifer introduces a topic then asks the reader a question, to probe him and make him think and act.

The books will help the Catholic understand his faith and help the non-Christians and non-Catholics, appreciate and understand the Catholics.

Second. Luke Teoh’s “Anodynes of the Heart” is a good pick-me-up book. It is a compilation of his feelings, and experiences when dealing with other people, or situations. He encourages others to write, for the pleasure it may give.

If you do have a chance to read these three books, please do. They are very reader friendly, informative and inspirational.   

Happy Easter!

Author: Jennifer Duarte


Anodynes of the Heart by Luke Teoh


Author: Luke Teoh


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