Hishammuddin lacks respect for fellow MPs. Vaping during a parliamentary session shows his contempt for the Dewan. Mr Speaker, when will you censure Hishammuddin? Will you be firm with irresponsible MPs?

Umno-Baru MPs are not known for their sense of decorum. It is believed that last Monday, the Foreign Minister, Hishammuddin Hussein, showed off his Ketuanan Melayu arrogance and Malay privilege mentality.

Parliament is not where one misbehaves and breaks all the rules. Hishammuddin was caught taking a puff behind the Transport Minister ,Wee Ka Siong, who was speaking during proceedings in parliament.

Hishammuddin thought he could sneak a puff from beneath his mask. Why is he acting like a naughty schoolboy?

Is this his first time vaping during a parliamentary session or has he done this before and his Umno-Baru, PAS, PN, Bersatu and other frog party MPs, just closed their eyes and nostrils?

Vaping in parliament, whilst his parliamentary colleague was speaking, showed Hishammuddin’s lack of respect for his colleague and also his utter contempt for our parliament.

His fellow MPs, including those from his party, should criticise his attitude and his insulting behaviour whist an important debate was on-going.

Instead of showing pride and gratitude when in the Dewan Rakyat, he treated it like a back street of the warong, where all the smokers and vapers converge.

Parliament is where the law to ban smoking in public places was made. Perhaps, Hishammuddin has not been paying attention.

He is arrogant to think that he can quietly vape behind his fellow MP’s back and think that his mask could hide his disgusting behaviour.

If he, as an MP and minister has no respect for parliament, what message does it send to the rakyat?

Hishammuddin Hussein…Your late father and grandfather, would have been disgusted with your behaviour and your sense of entitlement.

An apology on twitter is not good enough. It will NOT suffice. It also appears insincere. Hishammuddin should be made to apologise to the other MPs in the Dewan.

So, why did the Speaker, Azhar Harun, not censure Hishammuddin?

The Speaker appears not to notice any racist, sexist and irresponsible acts, like vaping in parliament.

Perhaps, the Speaker needs to visit the optician.

Perhaps, too much rich and good food with his new MP friends from PN, has affected his hearing and his vision.

Perhaps, he is too scared to reprimand Hishammuddin.

Hishammuddin shows utter contempt for anyone, but himself.

Hishammuddin is a minister and high standards have to be applied.

Mr Speaker, do your job.

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