Holocaust Memorial Day: What does it mean to you? Are you a denier? Perhaps, you have not heard about it?

If you did not know that  27 January is Holocaust Memorial Day, please read about it online.

Or go to your library.

Or ask your teacher…he/she should know.

Many Malaysian schoolchildren have not heard of the holocaust. Some don’t know about  World War Two, either.

The holocaust is about Europe’s darkest days, when mankind sank to its lowest depths. When human values were turned on its head.  

Holocaust Memorial Day marks 75 years that have passed since the death camp in Auschwitz was liberated by the Soviet army on 27 January, 1945.

Have you heard of Auschwitz? A concentration camp, where people were sent to be tortured, gassed and killed. Whole families were exterminated. Of 1.3 million Jews sent to the  Auschwitz-Birkenau camp, about 1.1 million died.

There were other camps too.

Do you know about the gas chambers?

Or the train tracks transporting humans in cattle wagons, to take them to their deaths. Most of the people murdered by the Nazi German forces at the camp were Jewish, but Poles, Russians, Gypsies (or Roma). Homosexuals and political dissidents, were also imprisoned.

The Nazis wanted a superior race. They murdered the people who did not fit their image of the ideal superior race – the Aryans – the master race. In the holocaust, 6 million Jews were killed. 

At Auschwitz, evil doctor Josef Mengele, performed live experiments on humans.

Forced starvation and lack of medical treatment killed many people.

Today, at the museum in Auschwitz, mountainous piles of hair that was hacked-off the heads of victims before they were sent to the gas chambers, are a chilling reminder to us about our barbarism.

Gold teeth were pulled from the mouth of the victims. The guards collected 10 to 12 kg of gold per month from the victims’ teeth.

The victims were also robbed of their jewellery.

Piles of clothing were left on the floor, when the victims were told to strip naked, before they were gassed. Then cremated. The clothing was re-used for the next lot of victims.

Auschwitz is a story that should never be allowed to fade from our memory.

When soldiers freed the victims, they also found bodies lying everywhere. One soldier said, “When you see people, they looked like skeletons with skin on them…”


Stand up, instead of staying silent, when you see discrimination, intolerance and injustice.

Speak-up instead of walking past and doing nothing.

Do not encourage hatred by your silence and inaction.

Below is a powerful video (it is not mine) to reinforce the message of standing-up together.

Do NOT let history repeat itself. Let us learn from our past.

Do not let another holocaust such as the genocides in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur, to happen again.



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  • glissantia says:

    This is an important part of the Kool-Aid. I have great respect for what you have contributed through your articles. Therefore, it is my duty to point you in the right direction on this matter. There is a universe of contradictory facts out there. Try unz.com, the works of Prof. David Irving, etc.

  • double tree says:

    I don’t know whether it was out of stupidity, ignorance or just plain arrogance. The Jews held their conference on the holocaust and invited so many world leaders. And these people can see what the situation is – the way the Jews are treating the Arabs – and the Jews say this must not happen again! To them or to others? Prince Charles made the point in everybody’s mind when he said that he felt very sad to see the Palestinians suffering badly. Did the Jews realise this? Now I know why for centuries, the Jews have been hounded out of several countries in Europe. It was not plain racism, it is their MINDSET. The mindset that makes them consider themselves superior to others and that they can do inhuman things to others – like to the Arabs. So I think it is a mixture of stupidity, ignorance and arrogance that made them bring world leaders to Bethlehem to talk about the Holocaust and see the inhuman way they treat Arabs. I would have thought they have learned a lesson after experiencing how Hitler treated them. Instead they unleashed their hate on the Arabs and invited the world to come and see how they do it. How stupid can you get.

  • Sarjeet Sidhu says:

    It can and will happen again. Certain Malaysians don’t think it happened. It’s not taught in schools. Administrators from the top down make anti-Semitic remarks regularly.

    The treatment meted out to Palestinian Arabs does not help the Holocaust remembrance.

    Despite that we must not forget the Holocaust. the horror of it will remind us as to how low humans can stoop.

  • double tree says:

    Nazis called themselves the master race. Jews are no different. They claim to be God’s chosen people. As such they are different and can behave differently, like treating the Palestinian Arabs worse than humans. Just to write a few points. If the Holocaust is a historical event, then like any historical event, can be discussed – you can believe it or disbelieve it. It must not be protected by law that you cannot disagree with the Holocaust – which is what is the case in about 8 EU countries, eg. France, Germany. Now for a few points:-
    1. See the sign above the Aushwitz camp. It reads “Arbeit mache Frei” – literally means “Labour sets you free”. Hence it is a labour camp, like the Japanese POW camp in Burma, China, etc. It is not an extermination camp. The Jews used to say 6 million died in Aushwitz – then they changed it to 1 million. Why?
    2. You must look up how a gas chamber works in Wikipedia. It used to be a form of execution in US in the 30s. After you read all about it, then ask yourself how to exterminate so many Jews in the short time of the existence of the camp – it existed for 1 and half years from 1943 to 1944.
    3. I do not agree with much of what the Nazis did, but so how much different from what the Jews did and are still doing to the Palestinian Arabs. It is a known fact that the Zionists believe the Arabs are sub human and deserve the treatment they get from the Jews. All Israeli children from kindergarten upwards are brain washed into believing that the Arabs are sub human. The Zionists are European Jews who came in thousands to Palestine after the WW2. The local Jews are Semites like the Arabs and do not have the mindsets of the EU Jews.
    4. These Zionists and the evangelical Zionists in US have been working on Trump – brainwashing him to believe that he(Trump) is the Messiah that the Jews have been waiting for for a few thousand years. Trump actually said that he is the messiah in a comment which I have seen on YouTube. It is in this scenario that you must interpret Trump’s signing THE Peace deal – by Executive Order – for the Middle East. This is a recipe for chaos. Muslims and Christians together will reject this deal.
    I have shortened much of what information I have but go to YouTube and do a search for the above events. It will shock you.

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