How compassionate is the Mentri Besar of Kedah?

The photo below is self-explanatory

It is time the people of Kedah got rid of this evil man, the Kedah Mentri Besar Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor.

Here is an excerpt from the Malay Mail.

Utusan Malaysia reported that aid during the lockdown, will only be given to those who phone the official channel of the Disaster Control Operation Centre (PKOB).

He said, “You do not need to raise the white flag to ask PKOB for help when you can use social media platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook.”

He added that the white flag was political propaganda to say that the PN administration had failed the people.

He said, “I’ve said this repeatedly that this is political propaganda to give the perception that his government has failed when in fact it is doing well in tackling the Covid-19 pandemic,” 

This is the man who:-

  1. Cancels holidays of another faith,

2. Demolishes temples

3. Threatened the people of Penang that he would turn off their water supply by diverting a river.

4. Despite the lockdown, ignored the SOP rules and took a car for a test drive.

5. Ignores the plight of the suffering poor by claiming that the white flag is not a cry for help but is anti-government propaganda

Sanusi is a throughly unpleasant man and evil through and through.

Last October, he became defensive when the people blamed his adminsitration for the rise in Coronavirus cases in Kedah.

Claiming that the rise was something his government could not anticipate, Sanusi became defensive and started to compare the number of deaths from Coronavirus, with the deaths caused by diseases like dengue, malaria, H1N1, cholera, tuberculosis and other diseases, for which there are no vaccines.

Last September, Kedah recorded a surge in Coronavirus infections, mostly in the Alor Setar prison. The Tembok cluster caused the death of at least one prisoner. On 7 October, another 153 cases were reported, mostly in the prison.

Sanusi was hurt when the public said that his administration did not know how to do their jobs. He said, “What can we do? This was already coming our way. it wasn’t like we can see this virus. We did not commit any sin.” (sic)

He also said that the rakyat’s anger was not justified because other people, besides politicians were infected, after returning to semenanjung, from Sabah, after campaigning for the Sabah state election.

Sanusi is arrogant, incompetent, divisive and patronising. Moreover, he is not a good Muslim.

When will the people of Kedah kick him out?

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  • Paul Wolfobitch says:

    I was recently drawn to Ebit Lew and his orphanages in Palestine. I was compelled to watch his videos on his charity work.

    Then I read this article about the huge lump of pig sh*t called Sanusi, and I became convinced this appalling demon is a disciple of Satan.

    What a gigantic contrast to Ebit Lew who’s kind to animals too.

    Not only the Sanusi creature from Hell is EVIL, it looks EVIL too!

    Only in Malaysia can you find such Satan’s disciples.

    And they are mostly in politics – and religion.

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