How long can fugitive, Mohamad Riduan Abdullah aka K Pathmanathan, remain on the run? The current IGP should quiz the former IGP, Khalid Abu Bakar.

How long can a fugitive remain on the run with his daughter? Is someone, or an organisation protecting him? A man needs money to live. A child has to attend school. They need medical care when they fall ill. Someone, somewhere knows, but he/they are not saying. Why?

Last week, the IGP, Mohamad Fuzi Harun said that efforts to find the convert, Mohamad Riduan Abdullah (aka K Pathmanathan), the former husband of Hindu mother, M. Indira Gandhi, have been unsuccessful.

If and when the police find him, they will also be able to return Prasana Diksa, to her mother, who has not seen her since Riduan abducted their youngest daughter, when she was still an infant, ten years ago.

Despite several press conferences by the director of the CID, in which he appealed to the public for information about Riduan and Prasana, no information has surfaced.

Have they left Malaysia?

The most obvious question is “Are Riduan and Prasana dead?”

Perhaps, Riduan has skipped the country, but in a press conference last year, the IGP said that he was still in Malaysia. How does he know? Where was his last sighting? Are there no immigration records of Riduan leaving Malaysia?

Perhaps, Riduan and his daughter left Malaysia using forged documents? The border with Kelantan is porous. Several people have done it. The late PI Bala once admitted that after he left Malaysia, to live in exile in India, he successfully sneaked into Malaysia, across the Thai border. Last year, Jamal Yunos, the Umno-Baru division head, who was the leader of the Red Shirts movement, used the notorious “Rat Route” to escape to Indonesia.Why is  Fuzi confident that Riduan has not left Malaysia?

Each time Indira wins a court case against Riduan, her former husband is able to lodge an appeal. His laywer should have access to his address, or his last known whereabouts. Why can’t he be traced this way?


Are friends or family shielding Riduan? Why can’t the police follow the trail left by his IC and Prasana’s Birth Certificate?

If Riduan is still in the country, is he protected by others? If he can remain at large this long, he can only do so, if he is supported by other people, like his friends, family or acquaintances.

If Riduan is close to some members of his family, or friends, have they been questioned, their phones checked for contact with Riduan, and their movements monitored?

A man needs money to live. Riduan presumably has a bank account, but to deposit and withdraw money from his account, would reveal his whereabouts. He has probably ditched his usual mobile number and acquired another.

If he were to work, he would need to show his identity card, to his new employer to gain EPF and Socso. Perhaps, he is working for cash. Even if he were a farmer or a farmhand, the IC would still be needed when he or his daughter has to go to a clinic, or be admitted to hospital. So, is Riduan avoiding the government clinics and going to private clinics where they know of his predicament, or does he go to a local bomoh, for traditional medicine?

If he has his own business, he would need his IC to satisfy government regulations. Even a hawker selling food, has to obtain a trading licence.

Prasana is now 10-years-old. She should be at school, unless she is receiving home schooling, or is not at a government registered school.

If she were enrolled at school, her birth certificate would have been needed for registration. If she were ill, she would seek treatment at a clinic. From the time she was a baby, to now, she would have needed various vaccinations and immunisation jabs at the clinic.

Are both father and daughter living in a community which does not read the papers, or have access to television? Someone, somewhere must recognise Riduan.

Our Special Branch is among the world’s best

The Malaysian Special Branch is reputed to be one of the best in the world. Their main speciality, is information gathering – intelligence. To claim that our Special Branch has been stumped by Riduan, is inconceivable. Is Riduan a master criminal, or do we just have an incompetent IGP? If Fuzi is unable to secure the arrest of Riduan, he will prove that he is incompetent and should resign in disgrace, or be sacked without a pension.

Indira’s story is no longer a story about personal grief

The Indira Gandhi case, is an especially sensitive one. Two religions. A mother and father of different faiths, fighting for the custody of their child.

The tragedy which has befallen Indira and her child, Prasana, should be a private family matter. Although the court has ruled that the conversion of the children was unlawful, conservative Muslims have whipped themselves into a religious frenzy, with a few claiming “ownership” of the child.

If Prasana were returned to her mother, nosy individuals would demand to know how the child will be brought up. The child is confused enough, without having this extra intrusion into her life.

Indira’s story is no longer the personal grief of a divorce and custody battle, but has morphed into something bigger, involving religion, on a national scale.

This scrutiny into her life could be avoided, as long as Prasana (and Riduan) are at large, but it is heartless to punish both mother and daughter in this fashion.

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  • Lee Lee says:

    Seriously , there is no will or intensity by PDRM to track the rat down. Looks like a farce when PDRM sought public help knowing fully well that this case has been dragged far too long and many extreme bigots are covering up the trail to derail the efforts.The ex IGP shud not be allowed to rest easy on all the happenings during his watch. Hold him accountable for all the missing persons in his tenure as a useless IGP. His honorific titles and the gratutities should be withdrawn on his negligence of duties and shamed in public. Sadly Indira’s daughter has grown up and could be a concern for the daughter to renounce her growing years faith . This is exactly the ploy from those bigots and small minded supporters having that in mind before calling out the rat to comes out from his wood work hole. Once the rat brings out the daughter , let the civil law takes up the case in high prominence of justice. By rule of law as per to the earlier findings the daughter should be handed back to the mother without a change of religion. Let justice be served and a slap to all the extremes Islamic bigots in their act of kidnapping and force conversion. This should set a precedence for deterrence in future.

    • Sel says:

      You’ve made a very keen observation. The previous IGP should be sued for dereliction of duty even after being ordered by the Civil Court to bro g Pathmanathan in. He refused to do so citing confusion between the rules of both the Civil and Syariah courts. The case was heard in a Civil Court. Khalid is a National disgrace to both the Police Force and the Rule Of Law. Strip him, Tar him, Feather him and Parade him around the city thoroughfare.

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