How receptive is the Madani government to Institutional Reforms?

Below is a recording of arguably Thomas Fann’s last lecture to Malaysians, albeit it was in London.

A week after this lecture, Thomas announced his resignation as chair of Bersih.

Thank you Thomas for all your hard work to improve democracy in Malaysia. You have shown many Malaysians what can be achieved and what more has to be done.

Malaysians must understand that although Harapan won in 2018 and again in 2022, does not mean everything is ok and we can rest. No!

You must keep the politicians on their toes.

We did not do that for the past 5 decades and look at the mess we allowed ourselves to get in.

Will this Madani administration be receptive to reform? Or will their politicians want to serve their own selfish personal agendas?

The last thing on most politicians’ minds for the past half century, is the interest of the rakyat.

Thank You Thomas.
Rebuilding Malaysia

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