Big boys must learn how to peel oranges

Big boys must learn how to peel oranges and not depend on wives, maids, or lions to do it for them.

The Gerakan Youth chief, Tan Keng Liang, dismissed suggestions that a lion dance troupe had refused to perform for Najib Abdul Razak and the Self Styled, First Lady of Malaysia (FLOM), Rosmah Mansor, during Gerakan’s Chinese New Year open house.

Tan claimed that the performers were peeling a pomelo and several oranges for Najib.

He said, “It takes time to do this. None of the performers are Superman.

“I doubt anyone could have peeled a pomelo and a few oranges in less than 30 seconds.”


How many lions does one need, to peel an orange?

Were all the performers peeling the oranges? They would get their costumes dirty and their fingers sticky with juice.

What about the security breach? Why were knife-wielding men allowed around Najib?

Think of the hygiene implications. Would you eat an orange that had been peeled on the floor?

In the Year of the Rooster, Tan talks a lot of kok. He mentioned “superman”.

Anyone who can make RM2.6 billion vanish, is Superman.

NB: Self-peeling oranges, like satsumas, clementines and mandarins, do NOT require knives

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