How will Jakim rename this hot dog?


If hot dogs are to be renamed “hot sausage”, how will Jakim rename the cute “hot dog” in the photo?

Furry p*****?

Furry sosej?

Suggestions welcome!

Jakim, why do you do it?

Why do you make Malaysia look ridiculous?

Jakim is the Malaysian Islamic Development Authority.

When Jakim;s head, Jamal Khir Baharom condones such stupidity, it is just a reflection on the people who manage Jakim.

The Malay word describing them is “memalukan”, meaning “embarassing” or “shameful”.

Jakim said that “hot dogs” had to be renamed, because Muslim tourists were confused that dogs were being served in a bun.

Bloody hell! To appease Muslim tourists from a third world, non-English speaking country like Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Somalia or the Yemen, Jakim is prepared to make all Malaysians look like fools.

Actually, how do we know what Jakim said about the confused tourists is true?

These tourists are not confused when they visit the USA; where more hot dogs are eaten, than there are dogs.

Jakim’s Director, Sirajuddin Suhaimee, said, “In Islam, dogs are considered unclean and the name cannot be related to halal certification.”


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