How wonderful that in Indonesia, a Muslim woman’s beautiful tribute to her Christian friend, is appreciated in a cathedral

You have probably seen the video below, which has gone viral, and you have probably read what was written in the facebook posting of Coconuts Jakarta.

The scene is taken from inside the Bogor Cathedral, in Indonesia. A Muslim woman is singing Ave Maria, at a funeral service, to say goodbye to her late friend, a Christian. Her tribute is made just before her friend’s casket is closed. She sings it with much passion and feeling. It is a beautiful rendition of this song.

The young Muslim woman is wearing a hijab.  Although it was a sad event, we can also observe peace, love, grace and inner beauty. We focus on their friendship and how people of different faiths can come closer together. This is how it should be. People coming together.

There is hope….yes lots of it, and we have much to learn from our Indonesian cousins.

As we approach Christmas, let there also be peace, joy and understanding, in Malaysia.

(The video is from FMT)



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