Husam Musa will be in London and Manchester, to meet Malaysians who are concerned about events in Malaysia.

1. MPUK Event at University College London (UCL): Monday 12 March

This will be a student-led discussion about some of the most controversial topics leading up to Malaysia’s 14th General Election. Will Tun Mahathir Mohamad’s nomination as candidate for PM, boost Pakatan Harapan’s chances in their bid to take over Putrajaya? Will #UndiRosak derail their plans? What’s at stake for the youth in GE-14? YB Husam Musa will answer these questions and others that you put to him.

2. AMANAH Dinner: Tuesday 13 March, Fixing Malaysia’s Kleptocracy

Malaysia is increasingly becoming synonymous with #corruption#kleptocracy, and theft of billions of ringgits of the rakyat’s money. The authorities are coming up with even more daring schemes to be perpetrated on a much larger scale, while the majority of the people are left in near desolation.

The recent UNICEF report on urban child poverty is a testament of this. Many Malaysian children are stunted due to malnutrition at a scale worse than countries like Zimbabwe and Swaziland. Despite denials from the government and disbelief from the middle class, the data speaks for itself.

3. AMANAH Dinner: Wednesday 14 March, Transforming Policy-Making in Malaysia’s Politics

Policy-making in Malaysia is executive-heavy along the top-down approach. Despite some organisations holding sessions such as workshops and roundtable discussions – which are mainly reserved for financial services and industries’ elites – Malaysia’s policy-making is detached from the people they are supposed to serve.
This has caused many disruptions, ongoing corruption, the failure of PPSMI (teaching science and mathematics in English), environmental pollution, destruction of national heritage sites and monuments such as Lembah Bujang, destruction of forests and great floods, as well as mega kleptocracy involving billions of dollars.
Despite great claims of poverty eradication, Malaysian children living in some areas are so poor that many grow up stunted, on a scale worse than Zimbabwe and Swaziland.

How can we ensure that the people in the corridors of power make policies that serve the people, and not just themselves? How can we hold our leaders to account when they have failed to serve the people who elected them?
You are most welcome to join YB Husam Musa, Vice-President of Parti Amanah Negara and member of the state legislature for Salor, Kelantan,  in  a conversation on the current state of Malaysia and its worrying trajectory. Together, let us explore the many ways to save our beloved country and put it on a better path.

Please note that for events (2) and (3),  it would be advisable to email to book your seat. Walk-ins are also welcome, although advance notice would help us to secure a bigger table for everyone.
 The dinner venue in Manchester will be announced on facebook.
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