Hypocrisy and double standards of the Attorney General’s Office

The Attorney-General of Malaysia is a national disgrace, and should resign.

Last July,  former Batu Kawan Umno-Baru division vice-chief Khairuddin Abu Hassan, said “Apandi Ali is not fit to be AG and he should quit immediately”. 

In the press conference, Khairuddin had criticised Apandi’s handling of the 1MDB matter, calling him “haprak” (worthless) and demanded that he resign.

“Apandi is a government officer. The position of the attoney-general is part of the civil service.

“Is it in the constitution and law that I cannot call the attorney-general ‘haprak’? Is he above the law?

“Does it mean that I cannot criticise him at all?” he said.

Malaysiakini reporters covering the event then uploaded a video of the interview. Sadly, this clip upset the AG, who is now doing his best to harass and punish Malaysiakini.

If the AG can harass the media, just think how the AG can walk and trample all over you.

How it started.

In November last year, Steven Gan, the editor-in-chief of Malaysiakini  was charged for airing Khairuddin Abu Hassan’s video of the press conference.  

The video was uploaded onto both the English and Bahasa Malaysia sections of KiniTV on July 27.

Two days ago, Malaysiakini’s chief executive officer Premesh Chandran was also charged at the Kuala Lumpur Cyber Court, for airing the video, on the KiniTV website.

If the Attorney-General has paper-thin skin and is ultra sensitive about what he thinks other people are thinking of him, then he should not be in the hot seat. He should try being a reporter, especially an alternative media reporter. 

These reporters get called all sorts of names by Umno-Baru leaders, threatened by them, their newspapers warned about being shut down or have their printing permits revoked. The reporters also face possible attacks by Umno-Baru and extremist supporters.

Despite all the threats and bullying, these reporters still have to go out and do their jobs, which is to report the news. They do NOT sugar coat the news. They do not refrain from asking tricky questions. They do not deliberately try to make leaders wriggle out of an awkward situation. It is the reporters job to ask difficult questions. These reporters do not have time to be “sensitive” to what others may think of them.

From the rakyat’s viewpoint, we see how corrupt people, people who steal the taxpayers’ money, the people who are involved up to their necks in money laundering, the people who abuse the rakyat’s trust, the people who break the law, easily get away scot-free, with their crimes, because the A-G’s chambers were looking the other way.

We see how muftis who threaten to kill non-Muslims just have the knuckles rapped. We see Red shirted leaders of thugs, also get a mild telling off where others whom the AG deems dangerous, have to stew it out in solitary confinement.

Value freedom of the press 

If we want change in this country, we have to act as one and support one another in times of crisis.

This is one such time. Please show your support for Malaysiakini, because Najib Abdul Razak, via instruments of the state, are doing their best, to shut down the alternative media. Please also demand that your MPs bring up your concerns in parliament.

The A-G is desperate. Najib is desperate. Show your anger on social media and via your MP. Show your support for Malaysiakini and other alternative media. 

What sort of country do we live in when the media who are invited to cover a press conference are then charged for uploading the contents of the video?

Is this the country you want your children to inherit? The AG should try and dispense justice fairly. It looks like he is above the law. 


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