I wrote about ‘Sarong Rentals’ at government departments in 2015. After eight years, have things improved? Little Napoleons and PAS have made Malaysia worse

Remember businessman Wilson Ng, who went to the KLIA Lost and Found Department in pink bermuda shorts (NOT hot pants OK, and NOT tight lycra showing off his assets)and was told “Go Away! Come back when you are properly dressed in black long trousers and proper shoes.

The daft MAB (now MAHB) said that it was not the fact he worse shorts, but that the shorts were PINK!!!!!

MAB cannot run the aerotrains properly and maintain them, now they want to police people’s colour of shorts….Wakakaka.

He was not there to meet a tudung clad official for a meeting, or a pak lebai from PAS, or Mr King or Mrs. Queen

All he wanted to do was to retrieve his overnight bag which he had forgotten to collect from the baggage carousel after a flight.

But no, he was confronted with Malaysia’s army of Little Napoelons. For your information, they breed like rabbits because now, eight years later, these Little Napoleons are everywhere. In gomen departments up and down Malaysia. They are in the hospital Accident and Emergency Counter. There are at the police station. They are in the Jabatan Tanah dan Galian. They are everywhere and they will hound you to death until you get rid of them, first.

Change will come to Malaysia, only if and when you start to assert your rights.

Here is the article I wrote for ‘The Ant Daily’ about Malaysians being confronted by security guards and told their bajus were NOT appropriate. We are not talking minis or bikinis. We are talking midi length skirts and elbow length sleeves.

We are becoming a stupid nation where dress is more important than morals or conduct. We have ulama and prime ministers, who lie and steal. In my books, that is NOT ok.

So they wear a robe and as long as they body is covered they and thier daft followers they can continue to do wrong? Stupid or what? The people like convicted felon, Najib Abdul Razak and the other munafik (hypocrite Muslim) Mahiaddin Yassin and that other untouchable who is the president of a party.

Article below was written on 28 June, 2015. Looks like things have definitely got worse…because the Llittle Napoleons are everywhere now

Times are hard. Government departments have to diversify into sarong rentals ( 28 June, 2015 )

By Mariam Mokhtar

The fourth dress code incident, in as many weeks, has confirmed our suspicions that KLIA is emulating other government departments, diversifying into the sarong and clothes rental business. The latest “victim” of the “onslaught of the security guards” was Wilson Ng, who flew into KLIA, from an overseas holiday, but returned home, without collecting his luggage.

This is quite a natural thing to do, especially if you are a businessman, like Ng. Most businessmen travel light, with only a briefcase as hand-luggage. They are among the first to disembark, the first to breeze through immigration control and the first in the taxi queue. When Ng left the plane, he was probably in auto-pilot mode, and imagined he had just returned from a business trip.

The following day, presumably having been chided by his wife, he returned to KLIA to pick-up his luggage. He was still in the holiday mood and wore shorts (and probably flip-flops – I am guessing here) as he presented himself at KLIA’s Lost and Found department.

Ng did not realise that the Malaysian ‘association of security guards’ had decided on a plan, to prove their true worth, to the organisations for which they work. In these straitened economic times, employees do not want to be the first to be made redundant. The security guards made a nationwide pact, to flex their muscles, bare their fangs and show the customer who is the boss. Their actions were merely to prove to the government, and Malaysia Airports Berhad (MAB), that they are doing their job.

To his chagrin, Ng discovered that visitors to Lost and Found, need to be dressed properly, even though they are not meeting anyone of importance, but are only picking up their battered suitcases.

As anyone who has visited a government department, or pseudo government institution, knows, there is little point in arguing with the guards. You may start off in a gentle, persuasive tone but it does nothing for the guard, most of whom probably do not understand what you are saying, because they are foreign.

You then try a different tack, but your body-language shows your anxiety. It makes no difference. The guards have an inscrutable look on their faces and could not care less. The more you try and convince them that the dress code is irrelevant, the more their eyes glaze over and the lips clam shut. By this time, the best communication you may get out of them is a grunt, as they point to the dress code poster, stuck on a wall behind you, and direct your gaze towards it.

Ng was then asked to don a pair of trousers and shoes, which the guard happened to have with him. Normally, one would not want to wear someone else’s pants because it is unhygienic.

The previous person who wore it could have had lice, scabies, or any number of unpleasant skin infections. Worse still the trousers could have been befouled. Same with the shoes; the thought of someone with a verruca or fungal foot disease is too abhorrent to think about.

Like most people, Ng did not fancy another long trek to KLIA and be told that perhaps, there was something else wrong with his appearance. He took the chance and wore the trousers and shoes. He got his luggage and the rakyat received the latest entertaining instalment of the nationwide dress code, when Ng posted his experience on FaceBook.

Despite the apology offered by MAB, Ng should be grateful that he was not charged for the clothing. Insider sources claim that the real reason for being turned away, was not the shorts, but the fact that the shorts were pink. Apparently, the government has a problem, with people wearing black, yellow, orange, purple or pink.

Mariam Mokhtar

Rebuilding Malaysia

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