If breast milk is categorised into halal and non-halal types, why not blood?

Years of brainwashing have turned the Malay mind to mush.

After sixty years of Merdeka, we can be confident only of three things.

  1. Stupid statements from wannabe clerics who desire to be politicians.
  2. Idiotic statements from politicians itching to be preachers.
  3. Even more ridiculous statements from those wanting to earn brownie points.

Today, it was reported in The China Press, that a hotel in Malacca had refused to freeze a few bottles of breast milk, because the breast milk was considered non halal.

The scandal was exposed when the mother told an online forum for mothers about her experience. The working mother travels a lot because of her job, and said that this was the first time her breast milk had been rejected.

Hadi’s Muslim Dystopia

Last week, PAS president, Hadi Awang, told Malaysians that only Muslims should lead Malaysia and occupy key positions. Heaven forbid!

The Muslims who “lead” Malaysia have only succeeded in making Malays more stupid. Even the management and staff of some hotels have allowed themselves to become a laughing stock.

Unsurprisingly, the clever Muslims keep quiet, because they do not want to make their lives a misery and invite unwanted attention from people like Hadi, JAKIM and the state religious authorities. Yes. They are also hypocrites.

We have JAKIM, the Islamic authority of Malaysia telling us what to eat, and where to eat halal foods. JAKIM enjoys a RM1 billion budget to  undertake “important duties”, to make Muslims miserable, before they suffer the fires of hell.

JAKIM’s secret specialist units

JAKIM’s  “Pig DNA Unit” (PDU) scours the countryside for foods containing pig DNA.  The PDU teams are so successful that pig DNA has been found in tabasco sauce (which only contains vinegar and chillies), HP sauce (which contains no meat products), chocolates (main ingredients are cocoa, sugar and cow’s milk), and butter (main ingredients are cow’s cream and salt).

There is even a PIG DNA unit for non-food items. They assist the Halal departmental staff to find pig DNA on surfaces that are touched by people.

We have halal lifts and halal supermarket trolleys.

Muslims have been brainwashed into thinking that when they visit their non-Muslim friends homes, they cannot eat off their plates, or drink out of their glasses.

Even schools have fallen prey to PAS’ and Umno-Baru’s brand of Islam. A few weeks ago, one school separated cups and glasses for Muslim and non-Muslim students.

A Hindu couple started a halal and syariah compliant airline, but that one crashed before it could take off. This is the stupidity of Muslims in Malaysia. We demand prayers before we take off, but are willing to fly in a rust bucket, which has not met the safety requirements.

VietJet stewardess: Definitely non-halal… but favourite airline of Muslim men.

Malaysian children receive bog-standard education

Why do the Malay adults who go to Haadyai and the flesh pots of PatPong, enjoy their sexploits with non-Muslim women and men, but when it comes to makan-time, are adamant that they eat only halal food?

Why do so many Muslim politicians, enjoy the delights of their non-Malay mistresses, and yet when it comes to their General Assemblies, whip out the krises and vow to draw non-Muslim blood?

When Muslim politicians are desperate for ready cash, they know which cronies to fall back on….the non-Muslims.

The children of Ministers and high ranking officials are free to frequent night clubs, but when a police and JAIS raid is imminent, the nightclub announces that its Muslim patrons must leave by the back door before the arrival of the religious authorities.

Why warn them? We would love to see the queue of Putrajaya mums and dads, or their runners and lawyers, trying to free their sons and daughters before the arrival of the press pack.

In Hadi’s Muslim Dystopia, ministers and their cronies, are given free reign of the 5 star hotels to have fun with their mistresses but those from the working class are not allowed such liberties.

In Hadi’s warped sense of Islam, which Umno-Baru champions, at the moment, the women are still second class citizens.

When will the Malay woman realise this, and put an stop to the Ketuanan Malay Man. Even Datins have to have their bit of fun in their cars, either because their Datuk husbands do not give them enough housekeeping allowance for an expensive hotel, or because many of these Datins and Datuks are cheap skate. 

So, back to the halal breast milk scandal…

When will blood from the blood banks be designated halal and non-halal? Will Hadi and Jamil Khir Baharom ensure that when they undergo surgery, the blood banks only dish out halal blood.



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  • Zahari Othman says:

    It is unfortunate that teaching of agama Islan in school has not created Muslims who can think rationally and intellectually .As a result Islam is perceived by most Muslims as consisting of halal and harams and not Islam as a way of thinkingand living .

  • nofaham says:

    It’s was meant to ensure that only muslim companies n businesses get the business of the muslim majority. It’s political. However, all jakim have to do is declare something not halal and all will be paranoid. Maybe in Malaysia, the religious bodies and muftis are equivalent to the likes of St Peter at the gates of heaven… only that they abuse the position for earthly reasons.

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