If GST is bad, just wait for TPPA…..

msia flag_edit2TPPA….be prepared for bigger price hikes, action against you if you are in possession of a counterfeit DVD from the pasar malam, increased price of medicines, generic medicines not allowed…..many things will go up in price…..and you thought GST was bad

We are already tightening our belts, we cannot tighten any more…

But today’s bad bad news is that the affable academic and law lecturer, Dr Azmi Sharom has lost his case (Sedition challenge)

This is not good! It means bully boys will rule once more.

All may look more bleak than normal…..but…

Do we give up? DO we slink away?


We cannot depend on the Opposition Coalition.Umno-Baru successfully contaminated PAS….

But we can depend on one another…When Opposition are ready, they can join us….

Are you guys out there, in cyber space, ready to join me, for the next round to get back the country – Malaysia, that we once knew, were there was relative peace and goodwill, before we had scoundrels and thugs invading it and making it their thiefdom?

We do not do it with violence like the red shirts, men and women whose dirty tricks have been commissioned by the main party in the ruling coalition to undermine law and order in Malaysia.

We will do it with intellect, persuasion and compassion.

We will lead by example.

We show….not tell…..

Do NOT give up…..now is the time to stick together…..

Rebuilding Malaysia

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