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If the IGP cannot do his job, then he should resign…or be sacked


According to FMT, the IGP, Khalid Abu Bakar, has blamed intense publicity over the abduction of Pastor Raymond Koh Keng Joo, for hampering investigations into the case.

Really? So if we had kept quiet, and not asked questions, would he have found the pastor by now?

A furious IGP 

When reporters asked the IGP about the progress of the kidnap case, he went ballistic. 

He said, “To the media, individuals and NGOs who want to get involved in kidnap cases, shut your bloody mouth; you are putting the victim in a high degree of danger.” 

He said the police had no leads to the case, and blamed “too much publicity” for this.

In truth, isn’t the IGP more anxious about his incompetence and public opinion, into his handling of this abduction?

On the day Pastor Koh disappeared, and soon after a report had been lodged, did the police trawl through the CCTV recordings of the roads which branch off the carriageway where the pastor was abducted?

Malaysia is one of the most “closely monitored” nations in the world. Remember how we were told in the Teoh Beng Hock case, that the CCTV had malfunctioned. In some deaths in police custody cases, the CCTV was conveniently pointing the other way.

Khalid said, “Too much speculation in the media could endanger the victim. I am worried, because our investigation is at a stalemate as we don’t have further information on the missing pastor.

“There’s no lead now. I’m with the family. We are worried too.”

Desperate and clueless man

Lashing out at the public shows the IGP’s desperation. He acts like he is clueless.

Khalid claimed that the people who abducted Pastor Koh, were “very meticulous” and that the publicity surrounding the case was hampering investigations.

He said, “When people keep blabbering till the whole world knows, we can’t tell what has become of him.” 

Why did he keep mum on the investigations. Did he make a nationwide appeal on mainstream media for the public’s help? Despite the CCTVs dotted along the roads in KL, the police cannot find at least one car that was in the convoy which stopped Pastor Koh on 13 February. 

Three reasons for his sacking, although there are more.

I have written countless times, urging the IGP to resign, or the Home Minister or PM, to sack him. 

Three reasons will suffice, for now.

  • When Muhammad Riduan Abdullah, the convert husband of M. Indira Ghandi, a kindergarten teacher from Ipoh, kidnapped their youngest daughter from his former wife, Khalid claimed that he could not arrest Riduan, because he was confused with the civil law judgement, contradicting the syariah court judgement. In 2016, when the High Court ordered the IGP to arrest Ridhuan Abdullah, Khalid claimed that he could not locate the convert husband and the kidnapped child.

Cannot or will not?

  • When Jamal Yunos the Red Shirts leader threatened to “wage war” on Bersih and unleash the Red Shirts on Bersih supporters, the IGP said that Jamal’s remarks were simply a ‘war of words’. Maria Chin, the leader of Bersih, who was championing free, clean and fair elections, was detained for 10 days in solitary confinement.

Was the IGP trying to “protect” Maria from coming to harm? Do we hear a flock of pigs flying overhead?

  • In 2014, when the Raja Bomoh Sedunia turned up at KLIA with his magic carpet, coconuts and bamboo telescopes, to help find the missing aeroplane, MH370, many people were furious for his insensitivity towards the missing passengers. Others said that the bomoh mocked Islam but no arrests were made. Last week, when Raja Bomoh performed a ritual to repel a missile attack from North Korea, the IGP ordered that Raja Bomoh be arrested for insulting Islam.

Why only now? Was he afraid of the bomoh casting a spell on him?

The IGP attacks the public because they criticise his incompetence.

If the authorities want the rakyat to regain its trust in the police force, the IGP should resign… or be sacked.




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