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If you are afraid, then…

Credit Fahmi Reza Bersih 4 LondonSome students claim that joining a peaceful protest, like Bersih 4, is not beneficial. Have they heard of “People Power”? In the Philippines, peaceful protests removed dictator Ferdinand Marcos and his wife, Imelda, who was an obsessive collector of expensive shoes.

Others are not sure of the aims of the protest and believe that “peaceful protests end in violence”.

Do you remember that in Bersih 2, tear gas, water cannon with chemical-laced water and the use of force by police and agent provocateurs were recorded. The police wanted an excuse to ban future gatherings.

Some students said that it is “not wise to voice their opinions”. They said there were alternatives (to protesting), like publishing articles or holding meetings”.

How many students are prepared to churn out articles, regularly, to motivate people, or more importantly, to motivate the government to make the necessary reforms? Have they tried meeting politicians and convincing them, that scholarships should be granted on a basis of merit, and not one’s “kabel ke atas”?

Students who do not want to jeopardise their career prospects, when they return home, are only thinking of themselves.

Being compassionate and looking out for your fellow Malaysian will help bring the desired change to Malaysia. Greed and selfishness won’t.

Human rights abuses, injustice and corruption are universal problems. One does not have to be an Opposition supporter to want an end to corruption. We must be able to distinguish between right and wrong.

If you are afraid, then you will always be cowed by a government who will use fear to silence you into doing nothing.

Overseas students can speak up for Malaysians at home, and demand their right to democracy, and an end to corruption and injustice.

Do your bit to help your fellow Malaysians at home. Do join the nearest Bersih 4 march, on 29th August.


NB: With special thanks to Fahmi Reza for his kindness in specially editing his poster for the Bersih London team.

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