If you charge & jail Fahmi Reza to punish him, another 100 Fahmi Rezas will rise-up to replace him.

Fahmi Reza’s arrest has united all of Malaysia. He has succeeded where successive prime ministers have failed.

Malaysians are generally law abiding people.

Up north, they express themselves, in two-toned colour outfits (red or yellow) and the recent three-finger salute.

Down south, they can protest on a tiny patch of grass (Hong Lim Park), provided strict rules are observed.

The people of Hong Kong are co-ordinated and organised when venting their outrage, but now, Hishammuddin Hussein’s big brother is weary of the protestors and has clamped down hard on them.

The people of Myanmar are prepared to fight for their freedom from the evil regime, even if it means dodging bullets for their cause.

In Malaysia, the ruling elite is afraid of cartoons, works of art and words. Soon, they will also fear their own shadows. The ruling elite fear the truth. They only want “yes-men”.

Graphic political designer, Fahmi Reza, was arrested and detained for one night at Dang Wangi police station. His 101-track Spotify playlist upset some.

Seven policemen carried out the arrest, damaged his front door and refused to wait for his lawyer to arrive.

The authorities wanted to detain him for four nights but they realised that this would lead to greater public disquiet.

The rakyat is furious. There are many unanswered questions about the ‘Dengki ke?’ response which inspired Fahmi’s Spotify playlist.

Fahmi’s arrest is just the start of worse things to come. Greed, power, desire for more material wealth has created a very unstable politico-social climate in Malaysia.

The people at the top are scared. They will punish anyone who criticises them.

People at the top want to make an example out of Fahmi, to scare others into silence.

The people at the top want to punish the little people; but the little people are NOT afraid.

They have lost many of their rights. They are prepared to fight hard and seize back their rights, which were stolen from them. They have nothing to lose.

The little people feel only contempt for the elites who enjoy preferential treatment, are not answerable to anyone, are not accountable for their actions and are not subject to the same laws which govern the little people.

The little people will not be pacified with a RM500 bonus, BRIM, RM50 handouts at pasars, KFC or MekD roti burger.

Read Asia Sentinel’s write up on Malaysia’s worsening crisis at this link.

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  • Paul Wolfobitch says:

    “…another 100 Fahmi Rezas will rise-up to replace him”

    Nice to think like that, but I would doubt that.

    If that were so, none of our useless gomens – and “opposition” would have ever existed, half a bunch of Fahmis would have closed their business, quite easily done.

    Few would be like Fahmi, Malaysia is not all that filled up with denizens with at least one testicle between the dozens of them to take on whatever issue against the power that shouldn’t be – but will always be…

    Maybe taking up those trumped up issues is not exactly a good idea, either…

    That’s also why being egged on by foreign massahs, foreign outfits (eg NED, Soros’, etc), NGOs, and even taking the shilling from them, our folks still prefer others go out to riot and maybe die for them, it is much more preferable to laze under the coconut tree and play the stolen guitar, thank you!

    I quite like the idea of lazing under the coconut trees, I simply can’t trust our opportunistic fucked up politicians be they from the gomen, or any of the “opposition” parties, I am not exactly wild about rushing out to get my head cracked for any of our fucked up, devious, and dirty political monkeys, Alhamdulilah!

    Now get me another fill of toddy, and fcuk off!

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