If you have issues with your postal ballot, please take part in this Global Bersih survey, so they can demand answers from the sloppy, vote stealing and incompetent EC people in Malaysia.

A message/reminder/request from Global Bersih.


Never got a response from SPR (Election Commission) on your postal voting application? Not received your ballot yet? Not enough time for your ballot to reach Malaysia? Or maybe everything is going smoothly? In all cases, please read on…

Dear Overseas Malaysians,

This message is addressed to all who submitted postal voting applications. We understand that many of you are upset and furious that you will not be able to vote in GE14 because you have not received your ballot and it’s already the 5th of May, or because of some other issue. Global Bersih is gathering data and statistics to get an accurate picture of the postal voting process. We and MyOverseasVote are also consulting our lawyers about the problems you are facing and in particular the fact the postal voting process does not allow for ballots to be returned on time.


1. Participate in our data collection exercise to document problems and possibly bring legal action (under discussion):

IF YOU SUBMITTED A POSTAL VOTING APPLICATION, REGARDLESS of whether it was approved, whether/when your receive your ballots, whether you send them back, whether they arrive on time in Malaysia or _any other scenario_ Global Bersih is recommending that you participate in our data collection exercise as a service to the nation.


IF you send your ballot to Malaysia, use a service that will notify you of WHEN the ballot arrives in Malaysia. If you cannot afford this, you may try to get sponsorship from your local Bersih group as this is a public interest issue.

Those who have yet to receive their ballots or those whose ballots might not make it back in time by Wednesday the 9th at 5pm, we encourage you to send your ballot back anyway once you have received it.

We encourage you to keep all the records as we need all the evidence and statistics we can get in the event of any legal action, but also to have an accurate picture of how the postal voting process needs to be fixed to make recommendations and proposals.

EVEN IF you don’t send your ballot back to Malaysia, please participate in our Data Collection and tell us why you didn’t send it back (cost or other reasons). This is an important, for example, to highlight that the short timeline makes the process too expensive for many overseas Malaysians.

EVEN IF you did not receive a response or approval from SPR on your application, or your application was rejected, please participate in our data collection. Failure to register eligible voters is a serious failure in the system and we need to know how many were affected.

[[However, in the last case above, please first call the SPR to get confirmation on the status of your application. Please make sure that you get the name of the person you are speaking to, and record the date and time of the call.

Follow up with an email to the EC with the name of the officer, date and time, as well as the main points of the conversation, so that there is a written record. For example: “I would like to thank (officer’s name) for taking time to speak on the phone on (date) at (time). Based on this conversation, my understanding is (outline the case and main points of conversation). If this is not your understanding of the situation, please let me know.”

Then only fill out the data collection form with all the information on your case.]]

2. Sign & share our petition: 

3. Tweet or share your story with the hashtag #SPRtipu

4. Join Global Bersih as a volunteer: 

5. Support Global Bersih (we are all volunteers except for one staff, and at the moment, we have no staff):

(Having someone on staff would expedite projects such as this data collection and many others.)

Terima kasih & salam Bersih! 
Global Bersih Team


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