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In 2015, Maria foretold many things that happened this year. Let’s “Name and Shame Najib”

The Chosen One who has detained Maria

In October 2015, Maria said that if Bersih 5 were to happn, it would be a celebration for the institutional reforms which Najib Abdul Razak promised the electorate. In essence,Bersih 5 could be seen as a celebration of people power.

Fast forward to 2016, and we know that Najib reneged on all his promises and that is why Bersih 5, was not the celebration which we wanted, BUT a necessary march of protest to save Malaysia, from Najib and to tell him that he must go.

In the video below, Maria talked about Najib’s Jekyll and Hyde character, promising reforms when he is outside of Malaysia, like when he visits the UN, knowing that nothing at home, is changed and people are still oppressed.

She mentioned the use of gangsters barging in on meetings….in a classic case of bullying.


These same gang of thugs, barged in on their Bersih meeting in Penang, and on the Penang state assembly.

She mentioned Najib’s  use of the race card and also the religion card, with PAS’ hudud bill. With the horse trading, Najib and PAS engineered to allow Umno-Baru to be back in power, whilst PAS is allowed its hudud law.

Maria mentioned Najib suppressing the right to dissent, using the Sedition Act to punish us. She said, “It is used to the fullest and around 100, (figures at October 2015 figure) have been charged.

She said that even raising issues about corruption, is considered going against parliamentary democracy.

Najib is desperate

Najib is using laws, gangsters, money politics, to secure his power.

His government is desperate. The Cabinet are beholden to him, and not wanting Najib to fall.

Najib is afraid for his freedom.

Maria’s prophecy

All that Maria said, has come true.

Sadly, we did not realise how desperate Najib and the IGP have become and that is why they detained Maria under SOSMA.

She said, “More and more people need to speak up, because if we don’t, the next generation will suffer.”

The silent majority is big and still silent.

So, will you please stand up and speak up for Maria?


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