In 2016, Ramesh Rao “helped” PI Bala’s widow, to “apologise” to Rosmah. That press conference descended into farce. In 2020, after convicted criminal Najib Abdul Razak’s sentencing, Ramesh Rao alleged that Justice Mohd Nazlan was related to Dr Mahathir. What’s pro-Najib Rao up to?

Last week, Ramesh Rao, the president of the NGO, Pertubuhan Minda dan Sosial Prihatin Malaysia, alleged in a tweet, that High Court judge, Mohd Nazlan Mohd Ghazali is related to Langkawi MP Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Justice Mohd Nazlan had ruled that the disgraced Najib Abdul Razak, was guilty of all seven charges in his RM42 million SRC International trial.

Soon after, Ramesh Rao alleged that Justice Mohd Nazlan is Mahathir’s grandson or grandnephew.

Tomorrow, Ramesh has an appointment with the Bukit Aman police for spreading fake news.

Ramesh’s actions suggest that he is just another Umno-Baru paid cybertrooper. He wanted to spread misinformation to confuse and distract Malaysians.

Ramesh should be charged with contempt of court. He thought he could get away with making his defamatory comments in support of the convicted criminal, Najib.

If conflict of interest was uppermost in Ramesh’s mind, why didn’t he make the disclosure before the verdict?

If you want to know more about the sort of people we are dealing with, cast your mind back to March 2016 and the press conference with Ramesh Rao, that descended into farce.

PI Bala’s wife, A Santamil Selvi, was probably “persuaded” by Ramesh to “apologise” to the self-styled former First Lady of Malaysia (FLOM) Rosmah Mansor.

Here is the video to jog your memory about Selvi. Below the video is my write up about the event.

My observation in 2016:

This was one press conference (PC) that was excruciatingly painful to watch. From the outset, it was clear that an embattled woman had been set-up.

At one point, the puppet master, Ramesh Rao, and his puppet, A Santamil Selvi, almost  came to blows. Ramesh talked over reporters. The guest speaker, Selvi walked out. Nothing went according to script.

The Star reported that a heated conversation took place between Selvi and Ramesh when she lashed out at Ramesh in Tamil, “This is not how it was supposed to go!”

It is not too difficult to understand Selvi’s predicament. As any single mother knows, life is especially difficult with young children to raise.

Selvi is Private Investigator, P Balasubramaniam’s widow. Following the investigations into the death of Mongolian model, Altantuya Shaariibuuu, PI Bala released two statutory declarations (SDs) in 2008, The first implicated the PM  in Altantuya’s death, whilst the second, was a retraction of the first.

The family fled to India, for safety. They returned from exile in 2013, but PI Bala died of a heart attack, soon after.

Selvi scheduled a press conference on 15 March, 2016, and a statement issued by the pro-Najib NGO,  Pertubuhan Minda Sosial dan Prihatin (PMSP) said, “PI Bala’s wife will make an open apology to Najib and family, and denounce the opposition’s false promises”.

That should have rung warning bells.

During the PC, Selvi was clearly out of her depth. She started off smiling and at ease.

When the questions were fired at her, she folded her arms, as if to protect herself, and kept looking at Ramesh, the PMSP leader and organiser of the PC, as if to say, “What is happening here? You could have warned me.”

Selvi looked increasingly forlorn and probably wished the ground would swallow her up. “Had she changed her tune? Had her husband lied? Was she telling the truth?”

The questions on everyone’s lips is probably, “Why did she do it? Why did she agree to the press conference, to apologise to various people in high society? What would her husband have said?”

Ramesh kept answering the questions which were directed at Selvi, and this prompted an Australian reporter to insist that Selvi respond.

Ramesh barked at him, “Hey, white man! What is wrong with you?” before asking if the reporter was in the pay of the Opposition.

When a local reporter pressed Ramesh for the source of Selvi’s funding, he had repeatedly lashed-out, “Are you deaf?”

From then one, it was obvious that Ramesh’s plan, had descended into farce.

Americk Sidhu, Selvi’s lawyer, told Malaysiakini that he was surprised at Selvi’s PC and said, “I got an SMS from her yesterday saying (they) offered to pay for her children’s education and pay her RM50,000 as well.”

At the PC, Selvi acknowledged, “I am here for my children’s education. That is all! It’s only RM20,000. PKR could not give me, so I came here for my children’s education. That’s all! Let me take my bag and I don’t want anymore questions!”

So, why did she feel the need to make an apology?

If Ramesh and his paymasters, are as sincere as they claim to be, why not just help Selvi, without the accompanying circus?

A social observor said, “Everyone is suffering from the high cost of living. They would like to help Selvi, but when they heard that her children attend an international school, they think twice about assisting.

“As for the people she said sorry to, apology or not, it looks worse for them.”

17 March 2016

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