In March 2019, Najib went from zero to hero…BUT in July 2020, Malaysian Official 1 (MO1) became Malaysian Criminal 1 (MC1).

(At Semenyih, when Najib secured a win, he reworked his image.
The updates in red reflect yesterday’s conviction and Najib’s fall.)

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I am against bad governance, whether in Umno-Baru/BN, PAS, or in PH. (and PN)

What happened to the vision?

When PH won in GE-14 in 2018, they offered Malaysians a vision of a country that was going to address corruption and tackle injustice. They gave Malaysians a reason for change. People were fed up with the scandals. Najib Abdul Razak stealing taxpayers’ money. 1MDB. Rosmah’s bags and jewellery. The cronies. PAS and Umno-Baru’s unity government. Land sold cheaply to the PRC.

Malays were stealing from the Malays. Tabung Haji, Felda,  MARA. Adnan Mansor. Zahid Hamidi. Allegations of corruption in mosques. Wives and children of Umno-Baru/BN ministers forming companies to enrich themselves.

It was not the Chinese, the DAP, Christians or  Israeli, stealing from the Malays. It was Malays stealing from other Malays. When are the thieving Malays going to be punished?

Padan muka, PH

On 2 March 2019, PH lost in Semenyih. Did they deserve to lose? Yes, they did. Padan muka! They were complacent. They failed to address bread and butter issues. They failed to implement the reforms, and people’s lives have not changed much.

Najib who last year, PH said, was responsible for almost bankrupting Malaysia, roams free. It is taking a long time to punish him, his wife, former members of his cabinet and their cronies. The rakyat is getting restless.

Najib is clever. He uses social media and his new image, to travel around Malaysia, and undermine PH, to attack its ministers and its policies. In other words, he is acting like an innocent man.

When Bersatu accepted former Umno-Baru members into the party, it was seen as a splinter group of Umno-Baru. PH will never match, nor win, the incendiary racial and religious rhetoric of Umno-Baru/PAS.

Umno-Baru/PAS excel at division. They incite  the Malays to hate non-Malays. PH should not attempt to be like them.

Be bold PH. Do NOT be a splinter group of Umno-Baru

Affirmative action policies make Malays weak. PH should end affirmative action policies which have been in place for decades and have not worked. Many Malays realise this. It is time for PH to be bold, and punish anyone who incites violence, and show Malaysians that it means business.

The people who are used to accepting dedak, know that with Umno-Baru/BN, they can be assured, of receiving more dedak. That is probably one reason why Umno-Baru/BN won in Semenyih. Umno-Baru promotes stealing and lying.

PH could offer a vision of a country which is based on meritocracy and needs, but instead it appears to reward people who lie and who are failures. The senior politicians who are deputy ministers or Mentri besars, who lied about their degrees, should be sacked. They have brought shame to the party and Malaysia.

Wrong people are promoted and failure is rewarded

PH has young people in very senior roles, and inexperienced people to run very important ministries. For example, the Youth and Sports Minister, Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman, shocked Malaysians when he said that to carry out reforms too quickly will result in PH losing GE-15. On the contrary, if PH is bold, it will gain the confidence of the populace and win the next election.

Education minister, Dr Maszlee Malik, is more interested in religious teachers and the colour of school shoes, than revamping the system, making teachers more productive, and lessons more appealing.

Last year, PH appeared to show solidarity, to get rid of Najib and Umno-Baru/BN. This year, we see a PM-in-waiting talking about his succession plan, who offers few solutions for a more equal and harmonious nation. PH also showed its ugly face with public displays of party infighting.

PAS leaders have allegedly taken money from Umno-Baru. Their leaders have publicly admitting lying about their corruption. However, few, if any, religious scholars, muftis and royalty, have condemned the destructive Islam being preached by Hadi Awang, in which lying and stealing is acceptable. What is PH doing about this?

No teamwork, mixed messages, lack of momentum, complacency, unpreparedness

In the Semenyih by-election, what happened behind the scenes? Did PH sit down and discuss what to focus on and what to avoid? The PH candidate, Muhammad Aiman Zainali, talked about the need for a hospital, but the Health Minister, Dr Dzulkefly  Ahmad, disagreed.  Then, the Health Minister changed his mind, and passed the buck to the Finance Minister, Lim Guan Eng. If there is a need for a hospital, surely it is for the Health Minister to lobby and present his case to the Finance Minister. The Health Minister looked weak and he compromised the PH candidate.

Don’t mimic Umno-Baru’s tactics and use family members, as candidates, to gain the sympathy vote. Don’t talk about flying cars, when you can’t even resolve congestion on roads. Don’t give out election goodies.

The public relations exercise of Najib and Umno-Baru was slick. They were media savvy. Their election machinery was well run, whereas PH’s lacked momentum.

Malays who are used to the dedak culture will welcome Umno-Baru, but the majority of Malaysians who are decent hardworking people, do not want taxpayer’s money being stolen or abused. They are looking for bold moves by PH to stop race and religion being used to destablise Malaysia.

Instead of going on the defensive and attacking Najib, PH should focus on what it can do for Malaysia. Carry out the reforms now. Punish corrupt politicians and their cronies quickly. Trim the civil service to make it more effective.

Malaysia is a mess

Malaysia is a mess because the government is held to ransom by the Malay extremists. For how long should the government continue, to pander to Malay sensitivities? Ten months, ten years, ten decades? The Malays will be wiped out, by then. 

Syed Saddiq said that PH will lose GE-15 if the reforms are done too quickly. Don’t be daft! It’s already happening.

It is time that Malaysians learnt, that the best person for the job, should be based on meritocracy and not on race.

PH looks like a poor copy of Umno-Baru. Its loss is nothing to do with Najib’s aura. Semenyih showed that PH was weak and unprepared.

Will Harapan learn and reflect?

UPDATE in July 2020

On 28 July 2020, Malaysians half expected disgraced Najib to be acquitted in the SRC International criminal trial, as they were not convinced Najib would be charged. The nation was on its knees again, after the Coronavirus pandemic and the change of government in the Sheraton coup.

When the High Court found Najib guilty of one charge of abuse of power, three counts of criminal breach of trust offences, and three counts of money laundering offences, many Malaysians felt a glimmer of hope for the nation. Najib has been convicted on seven counts, will be imprisoned for 12 years, and fined RM210 million

Najib Abdul Razak, the son of Razak, is nothing more than a common thief.

He went from zero to hero at Semenyih, but on 28 July 2020 went from MO1 – to Malaysian Criminal 1 (MC1).





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  • Ken says:

    With the only racist country in the world back in picture, the Malays are hopeless, the whole nation are hopeless, Dr Mamak is hopeless.

  • Hang Kasturi says:

    Kak Mariam, sorry not all your analysis is correct. The whole system is rotten to the core. The rakyat, in particular, a portion so used to free money, has their expectation unfulfilled. They really cannot survive without the 1BRIM and all the other handouts. What the new government of PH, needs to do is to quickly bring the case against the kleptocrat to justice? How can the judge allowed himself to be fooled by the Ganeson a/l Thangavellu that he has to go to Sydney to defend a case? Doesn’t he know that you just cannot rocked up and act as a legal practitioner without being registered with the appropriate legal governing body? What a joke as a cursory inquiry would have solve the problem!!! He is just doing everything to buy time. How about bring his case of tax evasion before the Courts and have him jailed as it is a custodial offence. Does the AG know of anything remotely to do with the legal system? He is letting us down big time. The other thing is never ever let your opponents know your weak point like he did with his boast about not using BM at all. What has he been living? Under a coconut shell!!! Even my absence from the shore of my beloved country has not make me lupa BM and when advised by my Malay compatriots of their surprise, I advised them that language is like riding a bicycle, once you have mastered the art of riding, it never leave you. It is just that some languages are not as useful as others. Especially if you have a language that continually adopts English words due to its very rudimentary nature i.e. BM. Perkara has become issu and reformasi becomes perubahan. Moreover, learning or mastering another language is not a zero sum gain for any other language one learnt or mastered. As netizens we should draft a raft of new changes which the new government can implement. The kampung folks must be enlightened about the kleptocracy we overthrew. In this way, we can negate the falsehood peddled by the evil and corrupt UMNO (when are you going to adopt BM in your appellation.)

    • Ala says:

      Agreed…should move faster…all they are hoping is, something to happen to Tun and the infighting explodes within PH…AND the crooks get away…simple game..

  • Kcwong says:

    Well thought and well spoken.
    A good summary of the failure of PH
    There is no HOPE when Honesty ,TRANSPARENCY & INTEGRITY is not practiced.
    Stop preaching and start working.
    Sack the useless people. Stop punishing people with black shoes n black pants and bad schools
    & punishing people who smoke. And punishing people over everything.

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